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Quick Start Guide

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STEP 1 - Create your account here:

STEP 2 - Add your connections

When you add a connection, you are giving Repurpose access and permission to post on your behalf.

There are 2 types of connections:
Source: an account that allows Repurpose to pull your content from
Destination: an account that allows Repurpose to post to

You must have at least 1 Source and 1 Destination before you can create your first Workflow.

We have listed all HelpDesk articles below that help you create and troubleshoot your connections:
Connecting your TikTok
TikTok Integration Overview
Connecting and Troubleshooting your Instagram Connection
Instagram Reels publishing to Instagram Creator accounts
Instagram Reels (Source)
Instagram Reels (Destination)
Connecting Your Facebook
Lens Protocol Overview
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Connecting Your SoundCloud
Connecting Your Audio Podcast
How to find and connect your to Repurpose?

STEP 3 - Create your workflows

When you create a workflow, you are essentially telling Repurpose which Source to pull content from and which Destination to send it to.

There are multiple tasks that you can accomplish on the Workflows screen:

Set your workflow to manual or auto - Manual workflows check for new content every 6 hours, while Auto workflows check for new content every 2 hours. To immediately fetch your latest content, simply click the Fetch button in the upper right of the page. Note that this will only fetch new content. To sync all content, including older videos, click the settings wheel for your workflow, scroll down, then select Full Resync.

Choose a template or create your own custom template - We have listed all of our HelpDesk articles relating to templates and styles below:
Design Your Own Video Custom Templates In Repurpose
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Can a custom template be used?
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Episode-specific Image with Libsyn
How to use Intro and Outro files
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Create clips or Snippets from a video:
How To Create Multiple Clips (Snippets) from a Single Video
How To Repurpose a Video or Live Streams Into Clips and Schedule Them To All Social Media Channels
How to Auto Sync Snippets Across Multiple Workflows
Auto Detect Snippets

We have many articles that can help you with various types of workflows:
YouTube to Instagram
Podcast to YouTube
How to Repurpose YouTube videos as Pinterest Idea Pins
Podcast To IGTV
How To Publish Webex Recordings To All Your Social Platforms
Podcast To LinkedIn
Podcast To Facebook
Podcast to Binge
Podcast To Twitter
Podcast To WordPress
Facebook to IGTV
Facebook to YouTube
Facebook to LinkedIn
Facebook Live to Binge
Facebook To Audio Podcast
Facebook to Twitter
Facebook to Facebook
Facebook to WordPress
Repurposing Your Zoom Cloud Recordings
Audio or Video to Designrr
Workflow Diagrams
YouTube Shorts
Automatically Repurpose TikTok Videos To Other Platforms
Publish Content To TikTok

STEP 4 - Create your publishing schedule

Calendar View
Auto Publish Schedule

STEP 5 - Turn on auto-publish

Auto Publish Schedule
Pinterest Publishing Errors (and How To Resolve Them)

STEP 6 - Sit back and relax while Repurpose does the work for you!

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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