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Instructions for Repurposing Videos for LinkedIn:

Set Up LinkedIn Connection:
- Go to your connections page.
- Select LinkedIn from the dropdown menu.
- Click "Add Connection" and authenticate your LinkedIn account.

Create a Facebook Connection (if needed):
- Navigate to the connections page.
- Click "Add Facebook Ad Connection" and provide necessary details.

Create a Workflow:
- Click "Create New Workflow" in Repurpose.
- Name it (e.g., "Facebook Videos to LinkedIn").
- Specify that it's for uploaded videos.
- Choose your Facebook page as the source.

Configure Video Settings:
- Opt for full video to snippets.
- Select square format for LinkedIn.
- Keep snippets around 1-2 minutes.

Choose Destination:
- Select LinkedIn and choose from your company pages (if available).

Set Up Video Settings:
- Enable captions and add watermark (if desired).
- Customize the outro to promote your LinkedIn profile.

Disable Auto-Publish:
- Leave the workflow in manual mode.

Adjust Share to Personal Feed:
- Set it to share the video to your personal profile.

Publish Video:
- Click "Publish" in Repurpose.

Edit Video Description:
- In LinkedIn, edit the description to be relevant to the specific clip.

Set Schedule:
- Schedule posts for each clip, spacing them out (e.g., one clip per day for a week).

Create a Company Page (if needed):
- Go to LinkedIn > Work > Create a Company Page.
- Provide necessary information and set up the page.

Alternative Method (Direct Upload to LinkedIn):

Create a Workflow in Repurpose:
- Send videos to Dropbox with square format and burnt-in captions.

Download Video from Dropbox:
- After Repurpose publishes the video, download it to your computer.

Upload to LinkedIn:
- Visit LinkedIn and upload the square video directly to your personal profile.

Remember, always respect copyright and content usage policies when repurposing videos.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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