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Video Styles for Videos and Live Streams (Clips and Full Videos)

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Repurposing videos or live streams?

Here is a quick summary of how to configure your workflow settings so your videos look exactly how you want them to.

Open the "Settings" from inside the "View Content" page of the Workflow you want to configure.

Choose your "Video Style"
Original - video is published "as-is" without any changes.
Square - video is converted to a square (1:1 aspect.ratio) video with a Headline above, Progress bar, and Captions or Subheadline below (more details below)
Vertical - video is converted to a vertical (9:16 aspect ratio) video with a Headline above, Progress bar, and Captions or Subheadline below
My Templates - Design your own template with font selection, custom background images, Canva integration, and more. Learn more here

Enable or disable the "Burn Captions Into Video" option
Repurpose doesn't auto generate captions. We automatically use captions from YouTube, Facebook, and allow you to upload you own (Learn about captioning options here)

Bonus Customization Tips:

If you choose NOT to use captions, you do have the option to add a Subheadline text below the video instead. This can be a call to action to checkout your site, a reminder to follow you for more amazing content, or anything else you like.
You can enable both "Burn Captions Into Video" and "Default Subheadline" at the same time. This way if a particular video doesn't have captions, then the Subheadline will be used instead.
You can choose to disable captions, enable subheadline, and even change a subheadline text on a video by video basis ... simply click Publish and make the changes as needed.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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