You can now automatically publish or schedule content directly to Instagram Reels.

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Getting Started

Add your Instagram Connection

Create a new workflow

Select your Source (TikTok, YouTube, Podcast, etc)
if you are repurposing short form content (TikTok for example) and your videos are shorter than 60 seconds then use the "Full Video" option
if you are repurposing long-form content (YouTube or Podcasts for example) and your content is longer than 60 seconds then you'll need to use the "Snippet (Clips)" option

Select your Instagram account as your destination make sure Reels option is set

Now you're ready to automatically publish or schedule to your IG Reels 🚀

IG Reels must be 60 seconds or less

Click Publish to instantly publish or schedule your content. You'll have the option to change to the caption, add hashtags, and select thumbnail

Set the entire workflow to Auto Publish if you want to publish All Content now or only content created after a specific date. When auto publish is set, the next time you upload a video to your Source it will automatically publish to within 1 to 2 hours (without you haven't to log in)

Instagram algorithm

Repurpose recommends exploring some tips to better tackle IG logic:

Experiment with “share to feed” option in Repurpose. Some experts suggest to turn that off (in the workflow settings it defaults to OFF) and see if ON vs OFF makes a difference in reach

Posting time is important

If repurposing from TikTok, the music can possibly be a factor. Test original audio (no music) TikToks to see if that makes a difference.

Posting frequency is a factor. Don't post too many Reels close together. Maybe 1 per day or 2 max with many hours in between.

Change the Source (TikTok) hashtags and replace them with hashtags for that specific platform. You can use the "Remove Hashtags from Title and Description" option in the workflow settings to remove hashtags. Then, use the "Append Text To Description (Hashtags, Call to Action, etc)" and set it to "After" and add your Destination specific (IG Reels) hashtags there.

Alternatively, you can simply update the hashtags when you click the Publish button.

Have Repurpose send your Video to google drive and manually upload the Reels and see if that helps with reach.

The truth is nobody knows the IG algorithm but these are some suggestions to experiment with.


If you experiencing any of the following issues:

connecting your Instagram
seeing all your accounts during workflow creation
publishing to your Instagram account

Please review all the troubleshooting steps on this article.
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