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Calendar View

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Fill Your Content Calendar Using The Calendar View!

Calendar Feature Overview

Inside the dashboard, you will notice a new icon called CALENDAR on the left.

Just click on that. In a few moments, the calendar will be on the screen. Inside the calendar, you'll see all your already published content plus your scheduled content.

There are different ways to view your scheduled content. You can look at it on a monthly view. You can also check it out on a weekly view, and you do need to move forward or backward to the week. You can also check it by the day. 

Quickly View Published and Scheduled Content

Your calendar will display your already published and scheduled content from all your workflows (such as YouTube to Facebook, TikTok to YouTube Shorts, TikTok to Instagram Reels, etc) with the icons. When you hover your mouse over one of these scheduled items, it gives you a glimpse of what that content is.

Edit and Reschedule Your Content

If you click one, it will show you the “schedule settings.” You can update the post title and description, preview the video, and even update the scheduled date.

Easily Schedule New Content

Now when you schedule new content from inside your the View Content page, you'll also see a calendar view showing you what is already scheduled and published so you can make a choose the perfect day and time for your content to go out.

Using Calendar Feature:

Introduction to Calendar Feature:
- introduces the new calendar feature for the new year.

Accessing the Calendar:
- Open the website.
- On the left side, locate and click on the "CALENDAR" icon.

Viewing Scheduled Content:
- The calendar view will appear, displaying your scheduled content.
- You can choose to view content in different ways:
- Monthly view
- Weekly view (navigate forward or backward)
- Daily view (for a specific day)
- Monthly view provides a comprehensive overview.

Overview of Scheduled Content:
- The calendar may already have pre-scheduled content.
- Different icons represent destinations like Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
- Hover over an item to get a preview of the content.

Editing Scheduled Content:
- Click on a scheduled item to access settings.
- Options include:
- Changing the headline
- Adding or modifying a description
- Previewing the video
- Rescheduling to a different date (using calendar icon)
- Adjusting the time (using clock icon)
- Click "UPDATE" after making changes.

Creating New Scheduled Content:
- Navigate to "Workflows."
- Select the desired workflow (e.g., backing up a YouTube video to Dropbox).
- Click "view content" and choose the video.
- Click "schedule" and select the date (e.g., 24th).
- Specify the time (e.g., 12:00 AM) and confirm the schedule.

Viewing Newly Scheduled Content:
- Return to the calendar to verify the new schedule.
- The backup schedule for January 24th will now be displayed.

That's it! These instructions cover how to use the calendar feature to schedule and manage content effectively.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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