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Auto Publish Schedule

Auto publishing schedule allows you to select specific days and schedules to automatically publish your content without the need to log in to Repurpose. Set once and forget.

How it works:

All workflows can active publishing schedules.
You can only go up to 5 "timeslots" per each day.
Each timeslot needs to have a period of 2 hours in between and they cannot be set on the same schedule.
1 timeslot means 1 piece of content. For example, setting 2 timeslots will tell Repurpose to publish 2 pieces automatically on the same day at the specified schedule.

Distinguishing between new and existing

With these new rules, we also made a few changes:

You can set schedules for only new content.
For everything. Old and new.
And for content created at and after a specific date. Including new ones.

You can still choose to publish automatically only the new content as soon as Repurpose detects them.

Turning on Auto Publish Schedule

Simply switch between Manual and Auto by clicking on it. This can be triggered on the main dashboard or inside of the View Content page.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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