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Auto Publish Schedule

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Auto publish schedules allows you to specify which days of the week and at what times you want your content to be automatically published to all your favourite social media platforms, without the need to login to Repurpose. Set it once and forget it.

Enjoy the convenience of auto publishing while maintaining full control over your content release schedule.

Imagine you want to automatically publish all your existing (and upcoming) TikTok videos to different platforms at specific times. For instance, to Facebook Reels between 9am and 11am, to YouTube Shorts between 10am and noon, to Instagram Reels between 11am and 1pm, and to X between 2pm and 5pm. You can now easily configure that inside of with a few clicks.

What the video below to see how it works ...

Here's what you need to know:

all workflows can have auto publishing schedules.
1 video will be published within each time slot
each time slot must be at least 2 hours
you can add up to 5 time slots per day.

Selecting which content to Auto Publish

You now have the ability to set auto publish schedules for:
only new (upcoming) content.
both new (upcoming) and existing content.

If you choose to include existing content in your schedule you have the following options:
all content
content created on or after a specific date
content created on or before a specific date

If you prefer your new (upcoming) content to publish automatically as soon as possible (instead of based on an auto publish schedule), you can still choose to do that when you turn your workflow into "auto mode". This only applies to new (upcoming content) and you existing content will not be auto published.

How to set your Auto Publish Schedule

Simply switch between Manual and Auto by clicking on it. This can be triggered on the main dashboard or inside of the View Content page.

Step by Step Instructions

Enabling the auto publish schedule
Go to one of your workflows
Under "Publish mode," select "Auto."
If the workflow is already on Auto, switch it to Manual and then back to Auto.
When prompted to choose when to publish your content, choose the option "based on a publishing schedule"

Inside the View Content page you'll see exactly which content has been "Auto scheduled"

Choose which content to auto schedule
Decide whether you want to publish only new (upcoming) content or both new (upcoming) and existing content,

Create your publishing schedule
Click "Set Publishing Schedule."
You can set up to 5 time slots per day with a 2-hour gap automatically applied.
Customize time slots for different days of the week.

Enabling auto publish
Click "enable auto publish" to activate the schedule.
You're all set!

How to override the auto publish schedule

If you would like to change the publishing time of a single piece of "auto scheduled" content (or publish it immediately) can you do that simply by:
visit the "View Content" page of that workflow
click the "Cancel" button next to the "auto scheduled" video you want to change
select the "Schedule" button to publish now or schedule for a future date.

This highly requested feature provides convenience and control, ensuring your posts are shared at optimal times for your target audience.

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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