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Post First Comment (Automatically or Manually)

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You can now post your first comment along with your videos (automatically or manually) for the following Destinations: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

How to post your first comment automatically via Repurpose (same comment for all videos)

The following steps are meant to be used with AUTO workflows and time-slots from publishing schedule rules.
From inside the Workflow settings you can set a default text message that will be used as your first comment on each video that Repurpose publishes for you.

Open the workflow settings and scroll down to the bottom.
Enable "Automatically publish a custom comment for each video".
Inside the "Comment" box, leave your default message that Repurpose will use on each video automatically.
Save your settings.

How to post your first comment via manually via Repurpose (unique comment for each video)

The following steps allow you to publish a specific text while manually publishing content.

Select and click on the SCHED button to open up the Custom Publish Settings pop-up.
Inside the "Publish the first comment with your video" box, enter the comment you would like to publish alongside your content.
Publish your content Now or Schedule it for another date and time.


Instagram: If you are not able to post comments to your Instagram accounts via Repurpose, you may need to reconnect your Instagram connection. Head to Connections page and use the three dots at the far right of it to reconnect it.

YouTube: If you are not able to post comments to your YouTube videos via Repurpose, it's possible that your connection is currently set as Standard inside Repurpose (which is the default state when making the connection). This feature needs Advanced permissions.

Head to the Connections page and use the three dots to the far right of your YouTube connection and reconnect it in order to switch your Standard permissions to Advanced.

If you still need assistance, reach out to our Support Team at the bottom right corner of the screen at all times, everywhere inside Repurpose.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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