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Design Your Own Video Custom Templates In Repurpose

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You can now design fully customizable templates for Audio to Video workflows. Learn more here.

Major features include:

Ability to place the location of the Headline, Subheadline, Static text, Captions and Progress bar
Design and import background images directly from Canva
Preview and edit the design of the Custom Template before publishing individual videos

Creating Custom Templates with the Custom Template Editor:

Accessing the Custom Template Editor:
- Navigate to the "Templates" section, then click on "Templates Page" to access the Custom Template Editor.

Choosing Template Type:
- Select whether you want to design a vertical or square template. For this demo, we'll choose square.

Customizing Elements:
- Use the design tab to add elements such as headline, sub-headline, captions, and progress bar to your template. Customize their appearance and placement.

Designing Headline:
- Adjust the font size, style, and position of the headline. This serves as a placeholder for the actual title of each video.

Adding Captions and Progress Bar:
- Customize the captions and progress bar. Set colors, font styles, and positioning.

Adding Shapes and Emojis (Optional):
- Include shapes or emojis if desired. Adjust their placement within the template.

Setting Background:
- Choose a color background, use a custom hex code, select from provided backgrounds, or upload your own. You can also design a background in Canva.

Designing Background in Canva (Optional):
- Click on "Design on Canva" to create or import a background image. The image will be integrated into your template.

Saving the Template:
- Close the editor to automatically save the template.

Using Custom Templates in a Workflow:

Accessing Workflows:
- Go to your workflow settings. Custom templates are applicable when repurposing a video into another video (e.g., converting a Live stream into a clip).

Selecting a Custom Template:
- Under "Settings," find the "My Templates" option. Choose the custom template you designed and ensure captions are enabled.

Pre-defined Templates

When designing a new template, you can choose one of our 'Predefined Templates' and modify it to your liking
Alternatively, if you don't want to design your own templates, you can choose one of our 'Predefined Templates' inside the workflow settings and make last minute design edits when you click the Publish button

If you're looking for inspiration when creating your custom templates, make sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We use this feature to repurpose our live streams into snippets.

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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