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Audio To Video (Custom Templates)

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Using Audio To Video Templates:

Accessing Audio To Video Templates:
- To access, click "New Template" and provide a name. Select "Audio to Video."
- Choose the desired size (square, vertical, or horizontal). For example, we'll select square.

Designing the Template:
- Customize the template with options like changing font style, making it bold, altering text color, adjusting sound wave size, and modifying progression bar colors to align with your brand.

Background Customization:
- Change the background color or select from pre-made background images provided by Alternatively, upload your own background.

Integrating Canva with

Canva Integration Overview:
- now integrates with Canva, enhancing design capabilities.

Accessing Canva Integration:
- Ensure you're logged into your Canva account. Click the Canva integration button.

Working with Canva Designs:
- Within Canva, select a pre-made design or template. Make necessary adjustments, and then click "Publish."

Importing Canva Designs to
- will import the design from Canva to its workspace. Make any additional adjustments to fit your needs.

Utilizing Pre-Designed Templates:

Introduction to Pre-Designed Templates:
- Pre-defined templates offer a quick solution for immediate use.

Applying Pre-Designed Templates:
- Within your workflow settings, find the "Predefined Templates" button. Choose a template (square, horizontal, or vertical) that aligns with your brand or current needs.

Customizing Pre-Designed Templates:
- Easily make last-minute changes within the preview. Adjust fonts, colors, and positioning as needed. Click "Publish" once satisfied.

Using Pre-Defined Templates as Starting Points:

Creative Starting Points with Pre-Defined Templates:
- Use predefined templates as a foundation for creating your own designs.

Accessing Predefined Templates:
- Visit the Templates section and select "Predefined Templates." Choose a template that serves as a starting point for your design.

Customizing Predefined Templates:
- Modify fonts, colors, alignment, and more. Make adjustments to suit your vision. Once complete, save the new template.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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