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How To Repurpose a Video or Live Streams Into Clips and Schedule Them To All Social Media Channels

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Repurposing videos or live streams into smaller snippets (clips) is a great way to turn one piece of content into many.

This article focuses on YouTube videos, but the same principle can be applied to any video, live stream, or audio podcast

There are two methods to creating clips and scheduling them to all your social media channels ... both are covered in the video below.

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Method 1 - Sending shorts clips ready for all Social media platforms to a cloud drive (DropBox/Google Drive) + Schedule them Using Your Own Social Media Scheduler

On this example, we are going to use YouTube to create snippets that we can send to Google Drive (or Dropbox):

First, create your workflow choosing YouTube as Input and your desired cloud service as Output. Don't forget to select the action as Snippets which are short clips.

Next, under the Workflow settings you can choose your Video Style. Those are Original, Vertical and Square, or your very own template which you can create using the Template builder (More information about them here).

Create as many snippets as you need. Snippets below 60 seconds are recommended since they are supported on all platforms.

Publish them.

Download the clips from Google Drive or Dropbox and schedule them using your favourite Social Media Scheduler tool like Buffer, Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, etc

Method 2 - Using Repurpose to schedule your content to all Social media platforms automatically

On this example, we are going to also use YouTube to Instagram, and to LinkedIn:

Create another workflow choosing YouTube as Input and Instagram as Output. Don't forget to select the action as Snippets again.

This time, under the Workflow settings you need to set the "Auto Sync Snippets" to ON. We recommend using Square video style too. Auto Sync Snippets lets you synchronize your snippets from one single workflow to all the others. Saving a lot of time and allowing you to do it only once.

Next, create a new workflow using YouTube as Input and LinkedIn as Output. Don't forget to select the action as Snippets.

Under the Workflow settings, turn ON the "Auto Sync Snippets" feature and set the Video Style to Square or use your own square template. More information about custom template here.

Now you can create as many snippets as you want and they are going to appear on all the workflows that have the "Auto Sync Snippets" feature activated.

Finally, you can schedule each snippet to achieve a strong social presence. If you are using your own templates, you can tweak how it's going to look beforehand.

Square videos up to 60 seconds are perfect for social media platforms.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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