How to automatically repurpose TikTok Videos (Watermark-free) to other social media platforms

Step by Step Guide

Add TikTok as a Connection (learn more)

While you are here, add all other social media platforms that you want to publish your TikTok videos to.

Visit the Workflows page and click Create a New Workflow

Choose TikTok as your Source

Choose your desired Action (typically this would be Upload Video + Full Video if your TikTok videos are under 60 seconds)

Choose where you want to publish your TikTok videos To (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Drive, etc)

Finish creating the workflow

Click View Content to see a list of all your TikTok videos

Click Publish next to the video you want to publish / schedule

If you want Repurpose to publish your TikTok videos automatically (without you even logging into Repurpose), set your workflow to Auto.

Tips for Auto Publishing TikTok videos

If you want to auto publish ALL your existing TikTok videos now, turn on the Auto Publish button for that workflow. This will publish all existing videos now and any video you upload in the future.

If you don't want to auto publish all existing videos ( ONLY FUTURE TikTok videos), follow these steps:

Edit the Workflow settings

Set the option the "Choose Which Content To Auto Publish" to "On This Data and Newer"

Choose a date (for example if you want to auto publish your TikToks starting tomorrow, set tomorrow's date)

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