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YouTube Shorts

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How To Repurpose Your Podcasts, Videos, or Live Streams to YouTube Shorts.


Your video must be vertical
Your video must be 60 seconds or less
Your video must include the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description on YouTube

Step by Step Guide:

Create a workflow with your choice of "Source" (which content you want to Repurpose). For example: Audio Podcast, Facebook Live, Zoom recording, etc
Choose "Snippet (clips)" if your "Source" content is more than 60 seconds long
Choose "YouTube" as your destination
Click the Settings button (gear icon) for that workflow
Choose a a video style that is vertical (learn more about video styles)
Create a snippet less than 60 seconds long
Click Publish
Add the #Shorts in the title or the description

You can have Repurpose always add the hashtag for you automatically by editing the workflow settings and setting the Call-to-Action box


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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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