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Publish Content To TikTok

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How to repurpose content from other platforms to TikTok

You can now publish directly to TikTok, no need to go inside the app to finalize the upload anymore.

When using TikTok as Upload Only, Repurpose will upload your video to your TikTok account (it is not published yet). You'll have the opportunity to add stickers and finalize the publishing inside the TikTok mobile app.

The video uploaded to TikTok must be 60 seconds or less and can be can be horizontal, square, or vertical (vertical is recommended)

Video step-by-step transcription

Create a new workflow with your desired Source (where you want to repurpose content from). For example: YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Webex, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

Choose action Upload Video and Choose Snippets (Clips) if your videos are longer than 60 seconds. This will allow you to create clips from your Source before publishing to TikTok

Choose TikTok as your destination

Click View Content

Click Create Snippet (for Snippet workflows only)

Click Publish

What happens when you click Publish to TikTok (Direct Publish permission)

Choose any video from the View Content page.

Change the Captions of the final post once it gets to TikTok. You can use AI for inspiration wtih the magic wand 🪄

As soon as you Publish it or Schedule it, your video enters the Queue state.

Then, it gets picked up by our servers.

DONE! Your video got TikTok already and you can go watch it yourself!

What happens when you click Publish to TikTok (Upload Only permission)

Your content will show as Uploaded first. This indicates that your video is now ready for you to review, edit, and finalize on your TikTok mobile app.

You should receive a notification on your phone via the TikTok app as soon as your content is ready to be edited and published inside TikTok. If you don't get the notification, you can open the app and inside your Inbox, you will find the notice there.

Inside your TikTok mobile app edit the video, add stickers, etc, and click Post.

As soon as it gets published from your TikTok app, the status will changed from Uploaded to Published inside your View Content page in your Repurpose account (you may need to refresh the View Content page before it updates)


If you can't use your TikTok connection right after you add it, we recommend opening a new incognito browser, log in to TikTok first, log in to Repurpose, delete the current TikTok connection and re-add it.

If you are trying to add a 2nd TikTok connection, we recommend opening a new incognito browser, log in to TikTok first, log in to Repurpose, and it normally to avoid using the same account than before.

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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