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Facebook Videos to Vertical and Square (With Captions)

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This video demonstrates how to use this feature with a Facebook Video as your starting point, but it can also work with any Video in Dropbox, Video in Google Drive, Zoom Cloud Recording, or a Video Podcast Feed

create vertical videos ideal for IGTV, IG Stories, or FB Stories
produce square videos perfect for IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
choose between video snippets or the entire video
customize colours to match your brand
super simple to setup

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Step By Step Guide:

Certainly! Here are the step-by-step instructions based on the transcript:

Step 1: Go Live or Upload Video to Your Facebook Page

Begin by going live on your Facebook page or uploading a video.
- Note: This step is crucial because Facebook automatically generates captions for videos on pages, but not for groups or personal profiles.

Step 2: Turn On Auto-Generated Captions for Your Facebook Video

Go to your Facebook page.
Click on "Videos" and navigate to the "Video Library."
Select the video you want captions for and click "Edit Video."
Click on "Subtitles and Captions" and toggle the switch to turn them on.
Optionally, review and edit any captioning mistakes.

Step 3: Create a Workflow in

Log in to your account or sign up for a free trial if you don't have an account.
- Ensure you have connected your Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox accounts in the "Connections" page.
Go to the "Workflow" page.

Step 4: Set Up Workflow for Video Publishing

In the workflow, select your input source (Facebook video or Facebook Live).
- For this demo, we're using a Facebook video.
Choose to upload either the full video or a snippet.
- A tip: Keep videos under 10 minutes for maximum platform compatibility.
Select the destination for the video. In this case, we're sending it to Dropbox.
Configure any additional settings if needed.
Save and create the workflow.

Step 5: Review and Customize Published Video

Go to "View Videos" to see the uploaded video.
Enter settings and customize the video format (vertical for IGTV, square for LinkedIn, etc.).
Optionally adjust color settings.
Choose to use the captions from Facebook and burn them into the video.
Save and publish the video.

Step 6: Finalize Title and Publish

Adjust the title if needed.
Hit "Publish" to initiate processing.
Once processing is complete, access the video in Dropbox.
- You will have a vertical video with a burnt-in title, progress bar, and captions.

By following these steps, you'll be able to efficiently convert your Facebook videos into stylized content perfectly sized for various social media platforms.

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Bonus Tip – How To Fully Automate This Process

You may think that adding captions may prevent you from fully automating this process with Repurpose.

Great news, you have a few options

You can upload video to Facebook and keep it as draft.  Then you or someone on your team can edit the captions on Facebook, and then schedule the video to be published on Facebook on a specific date.   After it is published, only then will Repurpose will kick in and generate the stylized video.

You can setup your Repurpose workflow (gear icon) to only publish videos when it seems certain hashtags in the Title or Description.

That way you can edit the Facebook Video or Live Video, add an engaging title (which will be added to the vertical or square video) and add that specific hashtag in your Facebook description

Only then Repurpose will then automatically start processing that episode because it will see that specific hashtag.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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