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Facebook Videos to Vertical and Square (With Captions)

This video demonstrates how to use this feature with a Facebook Video as your starting point, but it can also work with any Video in Dropbox, Video in Google Drive, Zoom Cloud Recording, or a Video Podcast Feed

create vertical videos ideal for IGTV, IG Stories, or FB Stories
produce square videos perfect for IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
choose between video snippets or the entire video
customize colours to match your brand
super simple to setup

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Step By Step Guide:

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to take any Facebook video whether it’s a live whether it’s anuploaded video and automatically convert into a stylized video with the captions and perfectly sized for all social media platforms like IGTV, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

**Step 1**. Go Live or upload a video to your Facebook page.

This is really important because Facebook will automatically generate the captions for your video on your page, but it won’t do that for groups or personal profile.

**Step 2.** Turn on the auto generated captions for your Facebook video.

To do this go to your Facebook page, click videos, video library and edit the video you want the captions for and click subtitles and captions turn them ON and if you want, you can edit and clean up any mistakes.

**Step 3. Create a workflow inside of**

Create a workflow inside of that publishes your video from your Facebook page to either Dropbox or Google Drive or to another Facebook page or group so go ahead and log into your account.

a. Go to the connections page and make sure you have a Facebook account and either a Google Drive or DropBox account connected to your Connections page.

b. Now we go to our Workflow page and create our workflow. So in this demo, I’m gonna show you how to take a video from my Facebook page, send it to Dropbox in vertical format and in this demo I choose vertical assuming I’m gonna send this video to IGTV later on so first I’m gonna go and choose my input. I gonna take my Facebook video that I’ve already uploaded from my Test page. Now, if you wanna do Facebook Live videos, you can do the same thing but choose Facebook Live up here but for the demo I’ll choose Facebook video

c. My action is to upload that video so I can upload it either the full video as it is or I could choose a snippet. With a snippet option, it lets you trim the beginning and the end or take a short clip from your video but my videos are short. So I’m gonna choose full video. A quick tip here, if you keep your videos under 10 mins you get the most compatibility. What I mean by that is you can upload them to LinkedIn to IGTV without having to do any trimming

d. Choose Dropbox. I’m going to send the video to my Dropbox and click Create Workflow.

Now, I’m gonna go to View Videos. Now I see all my videos on that page and this is the latest video that I’ve uploaded. Before I do anything, I wanna go into my Settings and choose instead of “original video” I wanna stylize it into a vertical video. So this is ideal for IGTV, IG Stories or Facebook stories

Now, if you wanna make it square, you wanna post it to LinkedIn, your regular Instagram feed or Facebook or Twitter, square is more ideal

So I’m gonna stick with Vertical you can choose some color settings here. I’m not gonna change any settings here. You can tinker around to make it look pretty but I’m gonna change it to use the captions that we edited and turned on in Facebook and use them and burn them into the video. This is where allthe magic happens. I turn this feature ON and hit save

Finally click publish

So here I have a chance to tweak the title. The new video that comes out will have the title burnt into it as well but I like my title. I’m happy with it. Pulled it from my Facebook video title and hit publish. In a few seconds … it’s processing .. and in a few minutes it’s done.

I can go ahead and click this and opens my Dropbox and shows me the video.

So here it is …

We have a vertical video
We have a title burnt in
We have a progress bar
We have the captions burnt right into the video.

All this happen automatically with the click of a button.

If you like what you’re seeing head on over to and try it for free today

Bonus Tip – How To Fully Automate This Process

You may think that adding captions may prevent you from fully automating this process with Repurpose.

Great news, you have a few options

You can upload video to Facebook and keep it as draft.  Then you or someone on your team can edit the captions on Facebook, and then schedule the video to be published on Facebook on a specific date.   After it is published, only then will Repurpose will kick in and generate the stylized video.

You can setup your Repurpose workflow (gear icon) to only publish videos when it seems certain hashtags in the Title or Description.

That way you can edit the Facebook Video or Live Video, add an engaging title (which will be added to the vertical or square video) and add that specific hashtag in your Facebook description

Only then Repurpose will then automatically start processing that episode because it will see that specific hashtag.

Updated on: 13/01/2021

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