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Auto Detect Snippets

Repurpose is able to detect and create snippets automatically no matter the platform you choose

The Auto Snippets uses timestamps to set the Start Time and End Time of the Clip. And Repurpose reads timestamps even if your workflow is a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.

For all the social media platforms, Repurpose reads the timestamps from the description of your video.

YouTube description

Snippets generated automatically

For your Google Drive and Dropbox content, you can use a txt file with the same name of your video to set Descriptions and Timestamps on it.

Dropbox folder

Snippets generated automatically

If you don't set any End Time, then Repurpose uses the Default Snippet Duration set inside your Workflow Settings.

Learn how to use our Snippet Tool here.
Learn how to Auto Sync your snippet workflows here.

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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