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Facebook to YouTube


This will cover Facebook live to YouTube.
Make sure to verify your YouTube account otherwise you will not be able to upload a video that is more than 15mins in length.
A workflow needs to be created with Facebook as the input and YouTube as the output.
It is recommended to create a playlist to make videos easier to manage especially as your video library grows
it is recommended to leave the captions disabled from the settings.
It is not recommended to resize the video in the settings
the intro and outro video needs to match the aspect ratio of the final output.
It is recommended to limit the call to action to 2 lines only.
It is recommended to use keywords in order for your videos to easily appear when being searched in YouTube.
Make sure to select a category from the settings.
You can export your thumbnails and subtitle from Facebook
again, leave the closed caption from the publish button and settings be disabled to make sure that the YouTube caption will not be displayed at the same time as the YouTube captions.
It is recommended to set a schedule an upload especially on days or times when viewership is high.


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Updated on: 02/08/2022

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