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Connecting Your YouTube

In this video, I’m going to show you how to connect your YouTube account to

First, go to the connections page, and choose YouTube. And click add connection. This can be any name you want, I’m going to give it a name Hani’s YouTube and click Connect.

It’s going to pop up, and it’s going to ask me to choose my YouTube account. Now here’s where it can get confusing.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, make sure that you’re clicking the right account, because sometimes you may be clicking a YouTube account that’s associated with one of your other Gmail. So be very careful here.

If you don’t see your YouTube account here, click on use other account. So I’m going to go ahead and click my name. This is my YouTube account. And once you choose it, it’s going to ask you to pick which brand or account within that account.

I know, a little confusing, just I’m going again, choose my which is my personal YouTube account. And go ahead and allow. Success.

Now one thing to know, if you have trouble uploading videos, and it says that your videos are too long and they’re being rejected, you can click right here or visit And what that does is it takes you to a status page on your YouTube account that lets you verify your account. My accounts already been verified.

But if yours isn’t, you can go ahead and follow the instructions. It takes about one to two minutes and you’ll be good to go. You shouldn’t have problems uploading videos longer than 15 minutes.


Close all Chrome browsers
Open Chrome and open a new incognito window
Visit this page to logout of any gmail / youtube accounts -
Go to and log into your youtube account (Visit the YouTube studio to make sure this is the correct account)
Open a new tab (in same incognito browser) and go to
Add new connection, choose YouTube and choose the correct YouTube account
Create a new workflow

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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