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Connecting and Troubleshooting your Instagram Connection

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Important: Before you begin

Meta has the following requirements before you can connect your Instagram account to any 3rd-party tool like

Please follow these steps in order and you'll be up and running in no time.

Convert your Instagram account from Personal to Professional Creator or Professional Business

Connect your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page (you must also be the admin of this page).

1. Convert Your Personal Instagram to Professional

Visit on your computer browser (not mobile app)

Click the 3 lines (More) on the bottom left

Click Settings

Scroll to the bottom and choose "Switch to professional account"

Choose "Creator" or "Business"

You'll need to have a Professional Business account in order to publish videos to Instagram Reels

If you would like to use trending audios with your Professional Business Account, simply set your business Category to "Entrepreneur"

6. Still need help? See this Instagram help article here

2. Connect Your Instagram Professional to Your Facebook Page

If you are creating a brand new Facebook account, you'll need to wait 1 hour before Meta allows you to connect it to

Visit on your computer browser

Top left dropdown, choose your Facebook Business Page (or create a new one)

Click the 3 lines (All Tools) and choose Page Settings

Choose Linked Accounts, select Instagram, and click Connect Account to connect your Instagram Professional Account

Still need help? See this Facebook help article here

Already have a Professional Creator account?

If you already have you Instagram Professional Creator account, you can still connect it to Repurpose but with some limitations (imposed by Meta)

You will be able to repurpose content from Instagram (i.e use Instagram as a Source), but you will not be able to publish content to Instagram Reels, unless you switch your Instagram Professional account to Business.

Here's how to switch your account from Instagram Professional Creator to Professional Business:

On your computer browser (not mobile app) visit this page or alternatively click the 3 lines (More) and click Settings then select Professional Account

Click the link to "Switch to business account" on the bottom right of the page

Connecting your Instagram account to Repurpose

Visit the Connections Page
Click Add New Connection
Choose Instagram
In the popup, log into your Facebook account (or click Edit Settings to choose all the Instagram processional accounts you want to connect - recommended)
Choose all your Instagram professional accounts (or select all if you're not sure)
In the following window, make sure to select all your Facebook pages linked to your Instagram account (or select all if you're not sure)

Here's what you can do with your Instagram Connection.
Publish content to IG Reels. Learn more here.
Repurpose content from IG Reels. Learn more here
Publish content to IG Feed. Learn more here
Repurpose content from IG Feed / IGTV / IG Lives. Learn more here


If you get an publishing error "(#10) The user is not an Instagram Business", then you'll need convert your Instagram account from Professional Creator to Professional Business as this is required by Instagram. (learn how to do this here)

If you are not seeing your Instagram accounts in the the dropdown while creating a workflow, you'll need to reconnect your Instagram account using the steps below.

Make sure your if your Instagram account is either Professional Creator (when using Instagram as a Source) or Professional Business (when using Instagram as a Destination). If they are not, then convert them before moving on to the next step.

Connecting Multiple Instagram Accounts

If are you trying to connect another Instagram account linked to the same Facebook account, see the instructions below "Reconnecting your Instagram Account"

If you are trying to connect a second Instagram account linked to another Facebook account, you can visit the Connections page, Click Add New Connection, and click the Log into another account option in the popup.

Reconnecting your Instagram account to Repurpose

Reconnect your Instagram Connection from inside your Repurpose account

In the Meta popup, choose Edit Settings

Select ALL of your Facebook Pages (or at least ensure you select the ones that are connected to your Instagram accounts)

Select ALL your Instagram Professional Accounts (or at least ensure that you select the one you want to use)

When you create a Workflow and choose Instagram as your Source or Destination, you should see all the Instagram Professional accounts you added in Step 4.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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