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Here are step-by-step instructions for repurposing your Facebook videos into snippets and uploading them to your Facebook page or groups:

- Advise viewers to watch the video on publishing Facebook videos to Twitter for more detailed information, as the process is quite similar.

Create a New Repurpose Workflow:
- Open the Repurpose application and create a new workflow specifically for repurposing Facebook videos into snippets for Facebook pages or groups.
- Name the workflow "Facebook Videos to Facebook Page (Square, Snippets)" to specify the purpose.

Workflow Settings:
- Select whether the source videos will be Facebook Live streams or uploaded videos. In this demo, choose "Facebook Videos."
- Import videos from the designated Facebook page (e.g., "Test Page").
- Set the video format to "Snippets" to generate shorter clips.

Destination Selection:
- Choose the target location for the repurposed snippets. For this demonstration, select the same Facebook page where the original video was uploaded.

Configuration Settings:
- Review the settings to ensure they align with your requirements. You can refer to the detailed settings provided in the video on repurposing videos to Twitter.

Video Editing and Formatting:
- In the settings, ensure that the video format is set to "Square."
- Enable the option to burn captions into the video for accessibility.

Adjust Video Length:
- Optionally, adjust the video length duration to your preference. For instance, set it to 120 seconds (2 minutes) for each snippet.

Save and Publish:
- Save your settings, then proceed to publish the snippets.
- Before publishing, remember to delete unnecessary parts of the description, keeping only the relevant snippet information.

- Schedule the snippets for publication according to your content calendar and strategy.

Repurposing for Facebook Groups (Optional):
- If you want to repurpose videos for a Facebook group, create a new workflow titled "Facebook Videos to Facebook Group (Square, Snippets)."
- Follow the same steps as before, ensuring you select the appropriate group.

Enabling Repurpose for Facebook Groups:
- Log in to your Facebook group and go to "Edit Group Settings."
- Scroll to the "Apps" section, click "Add Apps," search for "repurpose," and select it.

By following these steps, you can effectively repurpose your Facebook videos into snippets tailored for your Facebook pages and groups. Remember to adjust settings and permissions accordingly for smooth integration with your Facebook accounts.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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