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How to use Intro and Outro files

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You can add Intro and Outro files to your workflows and it will be displayed at the beginning and/or end of every piece of content you publish.

To do so, simply edit the Workflow Settings and add your Intro and/or Outro files.

Normal and Snippets (clips) workflows are supported and it gets added to all the content automatically.

Please keep in mind that your intro/outro files has to be the same exact aspect ratio than the original video:

Repurpose uses 16:9 by default (Original) which is a horizontal format. Example 1920x1080.
You can set it to Square (1:1). Example 720x720.
Or Vertical videos (9:16). Example 720x1280.

Intro/Outro is also available for Audio to Audio workflows. You can add a small sound effect or music portion to the start and/or end of your audio content.
We recommend using MP4 format for videos and MP3 format for audios.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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