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Podcast To WordPress

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In this tutorial, I'll guide you on how to effortlessly publish your audio podcast on your WordPress site using the Simple Podcast Press plugin. This allows your audience to enjoy your podcast without the need for special apps or prior podcast knowledge.

Initial Setup:

Ensure you have a WordPress site and have installed the Simple Podcast Press plugin, including entering the license key provided upon purchase.
Access your WordPress dashboard.
Paste your Apple Podcast URL or RSS feed (obtainable through Google search) and click "Continue."
Verify that the plugin successfully detected your episodes.

Settings Overview:

- Import Options:
- Choose to import all episodes or only those published after a specific date.
- Decide if the blog posts should be drafts or automatically published.
- Consider setting the posts as drafts initially for review before automatic publication.

- Episode Images:
- Select whether to use episode-specific images or your podcast's cover art.
- For simplicity, you can begin with the podcast cover art.

- Categories:
- Choose a category or leave it as the default to categorize the imported posts.

Programming Player and Buttons:

- Explore the settings for customizing the podcast player appearance and functionality, including call-to-action buttons.

Email Opt-In Integration:

- Optionally, you can integrate an email opt-in box below each player. This allows you to grow your email list alongside your podcast.

Final Configuration:

- Customize the player and buttons as desired.
- Optionally set up email opt-in integration.
- Save the settings.

Importing Episodes:

Go to the Simple Podcast Press dashboard.
Click "Import New Episodes."

Note: The plugin will automatically check for new episodes according to your selected parameters.

Checking the Published Episode:

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
Go to "Posts" and locate the newly imported episode.
Click "View" to see the published post.

- The post will display your episode-specific artwork, clickable timestamps, and other details pulled from your podcast host.

With Simple Podcast Press, you've automated the process of publishing your podcast episodes on your WordPress site. This not only provides a convenient platform for your audience but also enhances their interaction with your content. Explore more features within the plugin to further enrich your podcasting experience. Enjoy your automated podcasting journey!

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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