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Audio or Video to Designrr

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In this tutorial, I'll walk you through seamlessly connecting your Repurpose account with Designrr, a powerful tool that enables automatic transcription of your Facebook Lives, podcasts, and audio/video files. With just a few clicks, you can transform them into visually appealing blog posts and e-books.

Setting Up Dropbox Integration:

Log in to your Designrr account and navigate to your profile settings.
Connect your Dropbox account by clicking on 'Connect Dropbox'.
In your Dropbox, create a new shared folder (e.g., 'Transcriptions') and share it with the email address associated with your Designrr account.
Once shared, return to your Designrr account and select the folder you just created.

Connecting Dropbox and Facebook with Repurpose:

In your Repurpose account, go to the 'Connections' page.
Add a new connection for Dropbox by selecting 'Dropbox Live Connection' and providing a name (e.g., 'Hani's Dropbox').
Follow similar steps to connect your Facebook account by selecting 'Facebook' and giving it a name (e.g., 'Hani's Facebook').

Creating a Workflow:

Create a new workflow for sending your Facebook Lives to Dropbox by selecting 'Create New Workflow'.
Choose 'Facebook Lives' as the input and select your profile.
Select 'Upload Video' as the action, and choose the folder in your Dropbox where you want the videos to be saved (e.g., 'Transcriptions').
Save the workflow.

Automating Transcription:

On Facebook, go live to create a video.
Repurpose will automatically upload the video to your specified Dropbox folder.
Designrr will detect the new media file, transcribe it, and notify you via email when it's ready.
Access the transcription in Designrr to make any necessary edits.

Generating a Blog Post:

In Designrr, enter the editor and stylize your transcription with images, media, and formatting.
Once satisfied, select the 'Publish' option.
Choose a template for your blog post or e-book.
Customize the design as desired.
Hit 'Publish' and select the desired format (e.g., HTML).
Copy the generated HTML code.

Inserting the Blog Post into WordPress:

In WordPress, navigate to the relevant blog post.
Switch to the HTML editor mode.
Paste the copied HTML code.
Update the post to see your beautifully formatted blog post with the transcription and media.

Repurpose users get an excluding offer on Designrr here:

With this seamless integration of Repurpose, Designrr, and WordPress, you can efficiently transcribe and create visually appealing blog posts and e-books from your Facebook Lives and other audio/video content. This powerful combination streamlines content creation, making it easier than ever to engage your audience. Enjoy your automated content transformation process!

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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