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Facebook To Audio Podcast


Podcasts needs to be uploaded to a podcast host.
You will need to have your RSS link to be able to integrate to Repurpose
Repurpose can support captivate, libsyn, and podcastco
If you have a different podcast host, it may still work as long as you have the RSS feed.
Just like any other workflow, you will need to create a workflow for this.
The workflow will need to be set to have the videos be converted to audio.
Make sure to set the Rating to the appropriate settings based on your content from the settings window
For podcasting, it is recommended to schedule your content to make sure that you always get to reach your core audience.
If you do not have a podcast host or using a provider that is not compatible with our platform, you can also output to DropBox and set it as an input later on.

Updated on: 05/01/2021

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