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Instructions: Converting Podcast to Facebook Videos

In this guide, I'll demonstrate how to convert your audio podcast into square video snippets and schedule them to be posted on your Facebook pages or groups for each day of the week.

Step 1: Establish Connections

Go to the "Connections" page to ensure you have your audio podcast connected. If you've been following the video series, you should already have this set up. If it's your first time, click "Audio Podcast," then "Add Connection," and provide the necessary details.
Next, connect your Facebook account. Choose "Facebook" from the list, name it, and click "Add Connection." It's crucial to connect your personal Facebook account, not a page or group. You'll select the page or group in later steps.

Step 2: Create a Workflow

Navigate to the "Workflows" page and click "Create Workflow."
Give it a name, such as "Podcast to Facebook Page - Square Snippets."
Select "Audio Podcast" as the input source and choose "Convert Audio to Video." Opt for snippets since they're ideal for Facebook.
Choose "Facebook" as the output platform. Pick "Facebook Page" and select the page you wish to post to. This is assuming you're an admin for the page.

Step 3: Configure Workflow Settings

In the workflow, go to "View Settings" and "View Episodes." Your podcast clips will automatically populate based on the timestamps provided during the upload.
Enable the progress bar for visual reference of clip duration.
Ensure the video format is set to square. You can select a template or create your own using provided specifications.

Step 4: Customize Video Appearance

The template includes a title, waveform, progress bar, and artwork. Customize these elements for each clip to engage your audience effectively.
Set a default sub-headline or customize it for each video.
Optionally, you can add intros or outros. Note that they must match the square video format.

Step 5: Set Default Snippet Duration

Consider setting the default snippet duration, e.g., 120 seconds (two minutes), for consistent content.

Step 6: Share Video to Facebook Page

Save your settings.
Click "Post to Facebook." Adjust the default description for each video, keeping it concise and including relevant hashtags.
Schedule the video for a future date and time. Aim to post one video per day for consistent engagement.

Step 7: Preview and Schedule Videos

After a few minutes, your videos will be scheduled. Hover over each clip to view its scheduled date and time.
Click the icon to preview the video in a new window.

Step 8: Posting to Facebook Groups (Optional)

To post to a Facebook group, create a new workflow.
Repeat the process, selecting the audio podcast as the source and snippets as the format.
Choose "Facebook Group" as the output platform. Select the group you want to post to.
Ensure you've granted the Repurpose app access to your groups in Facebook settings.

By following these steps, you'll efficiently repurpose your podcast content into engaging video clips for Facebook, providing consistent, valuable content to your audience.

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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