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How to automatically send Facebook Videos for captioning to

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We highly recommend you to use for automated transcriptions ... it's super affordable and very accurate.

Connect your Otter account to Dropbox and it will automatically create a special Otter folder in your DropBox that will auto-check for new audios or videos to transcribe automatically. This can be configured on your Otter -> Apps section.

Then in Repurpose, you can create a workflow to send Facebook videos (or just the audio version) to the Dropbox folder that Otter created for you which will kick off the transcription from Otter.

Once the videos are sent to Otter, you should see the transcriptions inside the My Conversations page in Otter where you can edit any mistakes and export your transcriptions into multiple formats include text and .srt

If you want to burn captions into your videos using Repurpose, we recommend you export the transcripts from Otter into the SRT format with the following settings:

Then you can either ...
a. Upload the SRT back to video on Facebook (recommended)
b. Upload the SRT into Repurpose (you'll see the option for uploading captions when you click "Publish")

For more details please see this Helpdesk article:

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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