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Here are the step-by-step instructions for repurposing Facebook videos to Twitter using

Connect Twitter Account:
- Go to the "Connections" page.
- Ensure that your Twitter account is connected. If not, click "Add a new connection", name it, and authorize it.

Connect Facebook Account:
- Ensure your main Facebook account is connected in the "Connections" section. If not, click "Add a new connection", name it, and authorize it.

Create a New Workflow:
- Go to the "Workflows" page.
- Click "Create New Workflow".
- Name it something like "Facebook Videos to Twitter - Square Snippets".

Set Workflow Parameters:
- Include "Square" and "Snippets" in the name to remind you of the video format and content type.
- Select the source as "Facebook Video".
- Choose the Facebook account and the specific page.

Select Action:
- Choose "Upload Video" as the action.

Choose Video Type:
- Select "Snippets" instead of "Full Video" to adhere to Twitter's 2 minute 20 seconds limit.

Select Destination:
- Choose your Twitter account (which should already be connected).

Create Workflow:
- Save the workflow.

Add Timestamps on Facebook:
- On Facebook, edit your video and add timestamps along with descriptions.

Access Your Snippets:
- Go back to
- In the workflow, go to "View Videos" to see the snippets Repurpose has created automatically based on the timestamps.

Edit Snippets (Optional):
- If needed, you can edit the snippets manually to fine-tune the ending point.

Customize Settings:
- Go to "Settings".
- Set the format to "Square".
- You can customize headline, background, sub-headline colors if you prefer.

Publish Videos:
- Go back to your snippets.
- Click "Publish" on each video snippet.

Schedule Videos:
- Schedule the snippets to go out on different days of the week. Aim for one snippet per day.

Check Processing Status:
- Monitor the processing status to ensure everything is ready before posting.

Note: Ensure that captions are added to your Facebook videos. will use them in the snippets. If you experience issues with captions, ensure you see the CC icon and try clicking the green resync button.

Remember, keeping intros and outros short and relevant is often more effective for social media content.

That's it! You're now set to repurpose your Facebook videos as snippets for Twitter. If you have any further questions or need assistance with any specific step, feel free to ask!

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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