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Facebook to IGTV

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This information is deprecated. Repurpose is now able to directly post to Instagram (as regular posts)

IGTV stills need a workaround shown in the video below.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for slicing up your Facebook Lives or uploaded videos into clips and publishing them on IGTV and Instagram:

Setup Connections:
- Ensure you have added both Facebook and Dropbox as connections in Repurpose. If not, go to Connections and add them.

Creating a Workflow:
- Go to the "Workflow" page in Repurpose.
- Click on "Create Workflow" and name it something like "Facebook Videos to IGTV and Instagram (Dropbox)."
- Choose "Facebook Live" or "Facebook Videos" as the source.

Selecting Snippets:
- Since IGTV has a 10-minute limit, select "Snippets" as the video format. This will create shorter clips for IGTV.

Choosing Destination:
- Send the videos to your Dropbox folder. If you have a specific folder in mind, choose it here.

Adjusting Video Settings:
- Go to Settings and switch the video style to "Vertical" to optimize it for IGTV.
- Customize the headline text color, sub headline background color, and progress bar as per your brand's preferences.
- Optionally, add a watermark for branding.

Enabling Captions:
- If you've added captions on Facebook, enable the option to use them in the video. This ensures accessibility without sound.

Adding Default Text (Optional):
- If captions aren't used, add default text. This could be a call to action or relevant information.

Setting Snippet Duration:
- Keep the snippet duration within 60-90 seconds. This ensures that the content is engaging and concise.

Creating Video Clips:
- Repurpose automatically generates clips based on timestamps in the Facebook description. You can also manually create clips if needed.

Publishing to Dropbox:
- Click "Publish" for each clip to send them to your Dropbox folder.

Downloading from Dropbox:
- Visit your Dropbox folder and download the clips to your computer.

Using Facebook Creator Studio:
- Go to and select the Instagram icon. Connect your Instagram account if needed.

Uploading to IGTV:
- Create a new IGTV post, upload the clip from your computer, and select a cover image.

Sharing Preview on Feed:
- Enable "Share the preview to the feed" to give a preview of the video on your Instagram feed.

Adding Title and Description:
- Provide a title and a concise description for the video. You can add relevant hashtags as well.

Scheduling Posts:
- Instead of publishing immediately, schedule the posts for specific dates to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Auto-Generating Clips (Optional):
- Consider enabling the option to auto-generate clips. This automates the process and sends clips directly to Dropbox.

Setting Email Notifications (Optional):
- In Workflow settings, turn on email notifications to receive reminders about scheduled clips.

By following these steps, you'll be able to efficiently convert your Facebook Live videos into clips, upload them to IGTV and Instagram, and even schedule them in advance using Repurpose, Dropbox, and Facebook Creator Studio. This process allows for consistent and engaging content delivery across platforms.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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