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Why are some of Facebook Videos missing in the View Videos page

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Sometimes you may notice that your latest Facebook Videos are not appearing in my “View Videos” page of your workflow.

Repurpose checks for new videos every 1 to 2 hours. If you want your videos to appear sooner, you can click the Resync button in the View Videos page

If you still don't see all your videos inside of Repurpose, you should try the following:

Visit the Connections Page and click the “Reconnect” option next to your Facebook Connection. If you recently changed your password on Facebook, you will most likely need to do this step.

Visit the “View Videos” page for your workflow and click the green “Resync” button to see if the missing videos appear

Note: When publishing videos to Facebook as a “Premiere” or as “Post this video as a new release”, these videos will be treated as “Live Videos” (not regular videos) and will not appear in your workflows that you are configured to import regular (non-live) Facebook Videos.

You can always create a second workflow and choose “Facebook Live Videos” as your input and that workflow will show these types of videos.

Make sure your Facebook video has a Title or Description. If you still don’t see your videos, please make sure that your video on Facebook has a Title or Description (if both are empty the video will not appear inside of Repurpose). To check this please open the video on Facebook, click the (…) , and choose Edit Video and add at least a title or description (ideally both)

Make sure your Facebook Page is NOT using the new Facebook Page Experience as that is not compatible with Repurpose at the moment. Click here to learn more on how to check this and how to easily revert back.

If all else fails, then try this. If all the steps above don't help, you may need to remove the Repurpose App from your Facebook account and re-add it again.
This can be done by ...

a. Visiting the Business Integrations page on Facebook (Settings and Privacy -> Security and Login -> Business Integrations)

b. Search for the App in the search box

c. Scroll to the bottom and Remove

d. Go back to the Connections page in Repurpose and click "Reconnect" in the dropdown next to your Facebook connection.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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