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Facebook's New Pages Experience

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In January 2021, Facebook announced a new Pages experience that they plan to roll out to all Pages in the coming months.

The new experience includes:

A redesigned layout for Facebook Pages.
A dedicated News Feed for Pages.
The ability to switch profiles between your personal profile and each Page you manage within your Facebook account.

Currently, this new experience is only being offered to select Pages. Those Pages’ owners can opt in or switch back to a Classic Page during the rollout phase.

Update July 23, 2021: The new Page experience now works with Repurpose.

How to tell if your Page is new or classic

There is an easy, visual way to determine whether your Facebook Page is on the new or classic experience.

On new Pages, the location of the Page’s profile picture is centered on the cover photo.

New Facebook Page Experience

On classic Pages, the profile picture is at the bottom-left of the cover photo.

Classic Facebook Page

There is no automated or technical way for third-party partners like Repurpose to detect the type of Page our customers have. We are using the same visual identification method to troubleshoot with our customers.

We will update this article as we learn more about the expected impacts of using a new Page and Facebook’s plans.

For more information, see Facebook’s articles About the new Pages experience and Frequently asked questions for new Pages.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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