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How To Publish Webex Recordings To All Your Social Platforms

Webex + Integration

This integration allows you to automatically repurpose and distribute your Webex recordings to all your social media platforms using

Before you begin:

You need to have an active Repurpose Free Trial, Content Marketer, or Agency Plan to use this integration (see pricing)
You need to have at least a Webex Starter Plan that allows for Cloud Recording (see Webex pricing)
Only meetings recorded using Webex Cloud Recording can be accessed by

If you don't have a account, try it today and publish 10 videos for FREE

Getting started:

Log in to your account
Visit the Connections page
Add a new Connection and choose Webex
Add a new Connection where you want to publish your Webex recording too (for example YouTube)
Visit the Workflows page
Create a new Workflow that uses Webex as the Source, Upload Video as the Action, and set your desired Destination (YouTube for example)
Click View Content to see all your Webex recordings
Go to Settings and choose a Video Style (optional)
Click Publish

Video walkthrough

For this example, we are going to repurpose Webex meetings recordings to YouTube and Instagram.

Keep in mind that you have to record your meeting to the Cloud.

If you are going to use the transcription made by Webex as captions in your future videos, we recommend checking and fixing any mistakes inside the Webex dashboard after your meeting is over.

Awesome! We cover the basics with the recordings, now lets head to Repurpose and start making some magic:

You can add your Webex account, and all your Social Platforms from the Connections Tab If you didn't do it already.

You will need to create a new workflow for each Social Platform that you want to use. On this scenario, we are going to make one for Webex to YouTube and another for Webex to Instagram.

During the workflow creation, you can select to use the full video or make short clips of it.

This is specially important for platforms like Instagram that only allows Square video formats and no more than 60 seconds videos.

Once you have your workflows, you can have more control over them by opening the Workflow Settings.

For Webex to YouTube you can directly use your native video format (horizontal).

For Webex to Instagram you can set Repurpose to make Square videos out of your recordings.

Setting up Square or Vertical videos allows you to change some parameters like the headline, captions, progress bar and and background color. Add a Watermark or enable/disable the captions.

Or you can also use your very own Custom Template.

Snippets workflows have amazing controls to create as many clips as you need. Learn more about them here.

Done! You have your two workflows ready to start pushing content.

Updated on: 07/12/2021

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