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How do I post videos longer than 15mins on YouTube?

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If you receive an error on your YouTube channel related to videos being deleted or rejected because they are longer than 15 mins, don’t panic.

The fix is quick and easy. All you need to do is verify your YouTube account which takes less than 3 mins.

Follow the steps below:

Open a new browser and log out of all your Google related accounts (The fastest way to do that is to visit

In that same browser click this link to visit the YouTube verification page (make sure you log into your correct YouTube account you want to verify as there may be several depending if you have more than one gmail account)

Make sure you enable Longer videos option

Log back into your Repurpose account, click “View Videos” and click the “Republish” button next to the same video to publish it again to YouTube. This time around YouTube will not reject it for being too long.

Still Not Working? You Might Have Connected the Wrong YouTube account.

Please try the following:

Open a new private window in your browser.
Open YouTube and log into your YouTube account.
Check if that YouTube account is verified and allows for longer videos –
Go to Repurpose in a new tab (same private window).
In Connections Tab, Reconnect YouTube and choose the correct YouTube account.
Go to the workflow in Repurpose and republish (or publish a new video) to see if that helps.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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