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Release Notes (What's new at Repurpose)

Changes made during the release of August 28, 2023:

New: Auto Publish Schedule! Now you can set up specific days and times to let Repurpose automatically publish your content 🚀
New: We are introducing a new Web3 integration with Lens Protocol. Learn more here.

Fix: Libsyn jobs were failing due to the number of characters in the keywords
Fix: Whenever you duplicate a workflow, we didn't update the duplicate with all the content
Fix: The details pop-up now has more information on it
Fix: Some videos of 1-minute duration didn’t appear on Only Shorts workflows
Fix: Some videos didn't look good when published to IG Stories
Fix: Fixed an issue with Feed workflows and Reels
Fix: Now you can mention (@) anyone only one time on Twitter workflows
Fix: Some RSS snippet workflows were having issues downloading the episode to use the snippet tool
Fix: Updated flow for mobile browsers allowing users to add Instagram more easily and without issues
Fix: Improved skipped logic for YouTube workflows
Fix: Videos longer than the platform limit were getting skipped even if the Auto-trim was ON inside the workflow settings
Fix: Improved connections stability
Fix: We added some fixes to prevent a very rare instance where the same video was posted multiple times to the same platform. (Duplicate posts)
Fix: Improved Custom Templates stability
Fix: Now you can use a vertical video on a horizontal template without issues
Fix: Missing video placeholder issues were solved
Fix: Audio to Video custom templates were creating bad end videos
Fix: Users can now use only the headline element and nothing else (no artwork placeholder)
Fix: The headline element wasn’t resizing properly for longer texts

Changes made on August 23, 2023

Fix: Tightened all the connections to avoid showing wrongly their status of inactive.
Fix: Fixed Twitter 503 error.
Fix: Fixed Facebook "undefined" error.

Changes made on August 22, 2023

Fix: During the Workflow creation, Facebook Lives videos were not being detected.

Changes made on August 17, 2023

Fix: LinkedIn publishing errors were resolved.

Changes made on August 16, 2023

Fix: Audio to Video workflows using Legacy templates were missing the soundwave as it wasn’t being burned into the final video.
Fix: We were listing Ads made through Facebook inside the View Content on Facebook workflows. This is not the case anymore.

Changes made on August 12, 2023

Fix: Instagram connection had issues with mobile browsers. It is now more compatible.

Changes made during the release of June 29, 2023:

New: We are introducing a new logic to avoid processing jobs that will fail.
New: The AI wand feature is now available for Descriptions too.
New: TikTok Upload Only permissions now allow up to 10 minutes of videos too. So, both Upload only, and Direct Publish are 10 mins max.
New: There are new Predefined Custom Templates: Fill Vertical and True Vertical. "Fill Vertical" templates stretches the video center-wise. "True Vertical" templates use native vertical videos. You can add elements on top of it, like the title or the subtitles.
New: We included a Fetch All button in the dashboard (where all the workflows reside) as a button. This lets the user fetch new content for ALL workflows with a single action.
New: On the View Content page, you can now utilize a filter to display either all content, unpublished content only, or failed content only.
New: During the workflow creation, there is a new Google Drive interface with separated groups and support for Shared Drives
New: A new "click to reconnect" button allows the user to Reconnect faster inside the Connections tab
New: It is now possible to create YouTube workflows that exclusively focus on Shorts.

Fix: Instagram received an upgrade. We now download IG videos faster and with better quality in most circumstances.
Fix: TXT file inside the same folder as the video was not being used.
Fix: Trimming the text to comply with the platform destination limits now leaves a coherent sentence.

Changes made during the release of April 24, 2023:

New: Snapchat Spotlight! (learn more here)
New: The calendar now shows all the videos.

Fix: Libsyn, BingeNetworks and Dropbox connection issues.
Fix: YouTube default language was not saving.
Fix: Custom text not being added to the description on TikTok workflows.
Fix: Copy button not working in the Affiliate area.
Fix: Improved processing of Instagram videos.
Fix: Improved Facebook workflows.
Fix: Improved error reporting.
Fix: Improved View Content page hashtag filters.

Changes made during the release of March 27, 2023:

New: Direct publishing to TikTok (no more having to go into the TikTok app to add a caption and click publish)
New: Ability to upload your own Instagram Reels cover images.
New: More control over permissions when connecting your YouTube account.
New: Remove all metadata from the videos from all Sources (TikTok, IG, YouTube, etc).
New: Upload Twitter videos up to 10 minutes long.

Fix: Simplified the Instagram connection process.
Fix: Support for large Google Drive videos inside the snippet tool.
Fix: Fixed random glitches when uploading YouTube thumbnails.
Fix: Improved processing of multiple Zoom videos at the same time.

Changes made during the release of February 13, 2023:

New: AI-generated social media captions!
New: One-click Sign up and Log in using your Google account.
New: Interactive onboarding video tutorial (available in the Resource section).

Fix: Mentions (@) in LinkedIn posts caused an error.
Fix: Fetch button logic was improved for YouTube playlists.
Fix: Occasional duplicate posts.
Fix: Improved referral sorting.
Fix: Twitter publishing fixes.

Changes made during the release of January 10, 2023:

New: Calendar view is here! Now you can view published content, edit scheduled, and schedule new content in a calendar view.
New: Affiliate area now includes a referral list and updated resources to help you promote, track, and earn even more commission.
New: Option that allows you to auto-trim your video when it exceeds the duration of the Destination platform.
New: Setting to automatically use Source Hashtags as YouTube Tags when publishing to YouTube.
New: Smart logic that detects end of sentences when setting the Title field for videos published to YouTube and Pinterest.

Fix: Subheadline text field was missing on Podcast workflows.
Fix: Improved support for emojis.
Fix: In some scenarios displaying the time from YouTube videos was wrong.
Fix: Previously you couldn't delete, rename or edit details settings on Auto workflows
Fix: There was an issue with YouTube when uploading your own thumbnail.
Fix: Improved the logic for the Headline element of Custom Templates.

Changes made during the release of November 7, 2022:

New: 'Audio to Video' Templates are now available. Learn more here.
New: Pre-defined Templates allows you to quickly choose a design and use it for your videos.
New: Custom Template Headline and Sub headline elements now auto resize font (existing templates require manual updates to use this feature)
New: Free Trial period can now use the AUTO feature.
New: All Snippets Workflows now are created with the 'Auto Sync' feature turned on by default.
New: Google Drive workflows now support files larger than 700MB.
New: Facebook Reels as Destination for Pages!

Fix: Improved the logics used for Custom Templates.
Fix: Improved the Thumbnail selector tool.
Fix: Improved the logic for auto-generated subtitles from YouTube.
Fix: Support for more special characters and emojis.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the 'Copy' button from the Affiliate section.
Fix: Fixed a bug with Episode Artwork.
Fix: Fixed a bug causing errors with Scheduled content.
Fix: Fixed a bug with YouTube and Playlists.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the Auto Create Snippets function.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the shortcode {{ episode-link }}.
Fix: Fixed issue with audio lag for some videos when TikTok is the Source.

Changes made during the release of August 17, 2022:

New: Facebook Reels! is now a source connection with Repurpose.
New: Direct Publish to Instagram Reels up to 15 mins long (requires IG Business Account)
New: Repurpose content from Instagram Reels including videos with copyright music (compatible with IG Creator and Business Accounts).

Fix: LinkedIn video posts were missing the share button.
Fix: Support for vertical templates for IG Reels.

Changes made during the release of May 31, 2022:

New: Pinterest is now available as a Destination! Learn more here.
New: You can embed your episode link with the shortcode {{ episode-link }} inside the Append Text
New: Added a new tool to better diagnose a bad RSS feed
New: TikTok, Zoom, and Webex Sources now have the option to filter per certain hashtags

Fix: Better support for various Audio RSS feeds
Fix: An issue with new users using the Chat for the first time

Release Notes for Custom Templates

New: More fonts are added
New: Headline title element is now independent from the title box field when publishing

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of April 05, 2022:

New: Instagram is now available as Source
New: Auto detect snippets support both start times and end times
New: Auto create snippets have an option to specify an start time (instead of always starting at the beginning)
New: New notifications center

Fix: Randomly non-english captions from Facebook where used
Fix: TikTok thumbnails
Fix: More emojis and special characters supported
Fix: Numerous security updates

Release Notes for Custom Templates

New: Templates are officially out of beta! But we will keep improving on it

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of February 16, 2022:

New: TikTok is now available as Source and Destination
New: You can now publish directly to your Personal feed on LinkedIn
New: New Workflow settings to remove automatically hashtags from a Source platform before repurposing it to another
New: New Workflow settings to hide auto-detected timestamps for snippets
New: New Workflow settings to select the Audience of your YouTube Channel

Fix: Vertical video thumbnails are now shown properly on the View Content page
Fix: Improved the flow of adding new Connections
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with YouTube
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Twitter
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Dropbox
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Google Drive and Snippets (Clips)
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Auto Sync Snippets (Clips)
Fix: Discounts now are more clear on the My Account page

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Overlays are now possible!
New: Video to Video Horizontal Templates
New: You can now move and resize the Video element
New: You can now change the font for the captions
New: You can now add a background color to your captions

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of October 19, 2021:

New: Improved video snippets experience allowing you to create and edit multiple snippets in the same window, significantly faster loading of videos, more precise timing (milliseconds), easier-to-grab sliders, ability to pause the video and create snippet from that time. Learn more here.
New: Ability to connect your Cisco Webex accounts to repurpose recordings with captions.
New: Faster repurposing of YouTube videos.
New: Improved download of HD video from Facebook (when available).

Fix: Call-To-Action texts didn’t work with Instagram workflows.
Fix: YouTube workflow failed to exclude content with specific hashtags.

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Rename and duplicate Templates.
New: Workflow settings are dynamic based on the elements in the template.
New: The title in the video can be different than the title.

Fix: Improved experience creating new Custom Templates with the builder.

Changes made during the release of August 25, 2021:

New: Custom Template Builder (beta) with Canva Integration is now available to everyone.
New: Preview and edit the design of the Custom Template before publishing.
New: Repurpose now checks and uses User uploaded captions from YouTube.
New: There is a new option to add a fade out effect for snippet workflows.
New: An email is sent each time a process fails.

Fix: Improved the overall reliability of Repurpose.
Fix: Repurpose no longer lists live streams from YouTube before they are ready.
Fix: Improved the support for a variety of podcast feeds.

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Templates now save when you close the builder.
New: Templates now have a progress bar element.
New: More fonts added.

Fix: Greatly improved the experience using the Custom Template Builder.
Fix: Captions now display as 2 rows for better accuracy.
Fix: Fixed the progress bar element displaying its location incorrectly.

Changes made during the release of June 29, 2021:

New: Improved loading times during workflow creation and resyncing.
New: Subtitles files (.SRT) can now be directly uploaded to Facebook from YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox.
New: Thumbnail can now be directly uploaded to Facebook from YouTube.
New: You can now choose the thumbnail from your video when using Instagram as an Output (destination).
New: Significant improvement in connection issue detection prior to processing.
New: More detailed error reporting for failed projects.
New: Connection expiry date
New: Simpler to under in-app pricing page.

Fix: Improved stability of scheduler server.
Fix: Improved reliability of Facebook to Instagram processing.
Fix: We now download the 1080p video version from YouTube.
Fix: Improved support for Spanish characters.
Fix: Improved support for RSS feeds from more podcast hosts
Fix: Sorting workflows bug

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Canva integration! You can now create and import your background image directly from Canva.
New: Now you can see horizontal and vertical guidelines.
New: You can now change the position of the captions.
New: You can now change the progress bar color.
New: Auto font-resize.

Fix: Improved render processing to avoid zoomed and squished videos.
Fix: Improved render processing to avoid fade-in or blackness at the beginning.

Changes made during the release of April 29, 2021:

New: Direct publish to Instagram
New: Workflows page is now split into pages and loads faster
New: You can now search your workflow by name

New: You can now use the autogenerated captions from YouTube workflows
Fix: Using YouTube as Input loads the videos faster and is more reliable
Fix: Using more than one YouTube connections now works properly
Fix: The subscription page and checkout flow was revisited and overhauled
Fix: Captions works better on more quality video formats
Fix: Snippet workflows using hashtags is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Resyncing workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Auto-sync workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Improved our recognition system for catching new content
Fix: Improved our recognition system for inactive connections
Fix: LinkedIn “Share to my Profile” option now creates a more stylish post
Fix: Audio To Video workflows with Vertical templates were optimized for IGTV
Fix: Lots of improvements were made to our Custom template builder
Fix: Email notifications now work as intended
Fix: Sorting workflows now works as intended

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Custom templates now Auto Saves on the fly
New: You can now change the caption color and outline color using Custom templates
New: The tools bar is now always present
New: You can now move freely your own images, elements, gifs, headline, subheadline, and static texts

Fix: Improved the experience for your own images
Fix: Improved the overall experience using the canvas
Fix: Custom templates Publish pop-up window got optimized
Fix: The video placeholder image was changed for a new one that works better
Fix: We no longer render the placeholder image on the final video
Fix: You can now click the size for the font

Changes made during the release of March 17, 2021:

New: Completely changed the UI
New: YouTube as Input
New: Deeper integration with Crisp
New: For Google Drive and DropBox folders the .txt files with same name as the video file are treated as the description
New: Added placeholders images for audio and video thumbnail when none available
New: Workflows settings now shows a preview of the final video
New: Added a "Contact Support" button under "Need Help?"
New: Change password option is now under "Profile" page
New: Free trial now allows 10 videos uploads

Fix: YouTube optimizations
Fix: Changed the logic to check RSS feeds
Fix: Added support for podcast feeds using the same mp3 files
Fix: Faster loads time for Dashboard and View content page
Fix: Email sent were updated accordingly
Fix: Snippets tool optimizations
Fix: Schedule optimizations
Fix: SuperUser fixes and optimizations
Fix: The "Include image from podcast feed" is now a clickable checkbox
Fix: Testimonials were updated.
Fix: Leaving title empty when manually publishing content now works
Fix: Added support for more email services
Fix: Snippets are now closed by default
Fix: More Spanish characters supported
Fix: Twitter description is now limited to 280 characters
Fix: The Time represented on the View Content page is now localized
Fix: Facebook thumbnail is now migrating properly

Changes made during the release of Dec 22, 2020:

New: Add support for Snippets to “Upload Audio” option when creating workflows.
New: Upgrade DB Droplet
New: Set file limit for YouTube custom thumbnail to 2 MB to comply with YouTube limitation on maximum thumbnail file size
New: Collapsible Snippets
New: Support for SimpleCast feed
New: Ability to add shadows to fonts in Custom Template Builder
New: Keyboard shortcuts - delete key deletes an item (headline, subheadline, etc.) and when an item is selected, directional arrows now move that item
New: Visual template editor
New: Indication of size of each template in the Custom template editor
New: Emoji library in Editor
New: Setup email verification during signup / trial flow + during password reset
New: "Request a Feature" link in the "Need Help" menu

Fix: Help Menu Easier to See
Fix: Upgrade FFMPEG 4.3.1 decoder
Fix: Improved Color Rendering So Colors are not washed out when creating videos
Fix: Improved server security
Fix: Improved server-side code to significantly reduce the possibility of a conversion error
Fix: Improved server code for efficient decoding to reduce queue wait time before a piece of content is processed
Fix: When using a Podcast as an input, clicking on the edit title and publishing it no longer updates the View Episodes Title
Fix: Feed not downloading latest episode
Fix: Remove Captcha from all App pages except for /login /register /signup
Fix: ReCaptcha popup never appears and now just shows captcha error
Fix: When updating a template and then going back to Workflow to publish a new episode the template changes don't take affect until you re-select the same template
Fix: Google Drive to Facebook conversion issue
Fix: Some auto created snippets not working
Fix: Reset Password, Welcome and Verification email not sent
Fix: Spanish characters not supported (and special characters not represented correctly) when auto detect snippets happens
Fix: Sometimes older videos gets removed which intermittently happens when Dropbox has several pages in its pagination
Fix: better support for podcasts
Fix: UI Dropdown glitch when many workflows exists
Fix: Isolated cases where manual publish works but scheduled publish does not
Fix: Hashtag only found in snippet will appear in the snippet only
Fix: Facebook to Google Drive workflows always fails
Fix: Intro / Outro not working (Audio to Video or Video To Video)

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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