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Release Notes (What's new at Repurpose)

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Changes made during the release of March 15, 2024

New Feature: Simultaneous Content and First Comment Publishing:
Introduced a new feature enabling simultaneous content publishing along with the first comment.
Manual execution per content or configuration for AUTO workflows with specific text.
Supported platforms include YouTube (advanced permissions), TikTok Direct Publish, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (Instagram support forthcoming)

Custom Templates and Horizontal Landscape Videos:
Rectified issues associated with Custom Templates and Horizontal landscape videos.

AUTO Workflow Enhancement: Oldest to Newest Content Retrieval:
Implemented capability in AUTO workflows to retrieve content from the oldest to newest, enhancing content organization.

Enhanced Stability with Snapchat Integration:
Stability improvements were made to ensure a smoother experience with Snapchat integration.

Resolved TikTok Video Loading Issues in Snippet Creation Tool:
Addressed issues where TikTok videos were not loading in the Snippet Creation Tool preview, ensuring seamless functionality.

Fixed Audio-To-Video Custom Template Rendering Problems:
Corrected rendering issues with Audio-To-Video Custom Templates.

Enhanced Stability with TikTok Platform:
Stability improvements were implemented to enhance the reliability of interactions with the TikTok platform.

Changes made during the release of Feb 21, 2024:

Revamped Checkout Experience:
Supports even more credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Option to add your Tax ID so they appear on invoices.

New Billing Details section:
Easily update your billing information including adding your Tax ID.
Download all your previous invoices and receipts.

Instagram Connection Authorization:
Added an alternative method for authorizing connections with Instagram.

Google Drive Workflow Enhancement:
Workflows now consider the exact upload time of content rather than relying on file metadata, making it more accurate in the View Content page.

Custom Templates and AUTO Workflow Fixes:
Resolved issues with AUDIO-to-VIDEO failures in AUTO mode.
Corrected deficiencies in AUDIO-to-VIDEO Custom templates, ensuring proper creation of the final result.
Fixed failures in Auto-create snippets when updating the workflow with new content.

YouTube Video Download Logic Update:
Adjusted logic for downloading members-only, private, or unavailable YouTube videos to expedite the processing of other tasks.

Auto Publish Pop-up Wording Update:
Refined wordings in Auto Publish pop-up for clearer communication of intentions and functionality.

Google Sign-in Security Enhancement:
Google Sign-in now restricts login to the Google method for security standards.

Reconnection Tweaks for Google Drive and Dropbox:
Prevent inadvertent reconnection of different Google Drive or Dropbox accounts when reconnecting

Changes made during the release of Feb 01, 2024:

Improvements to Auto Publishing Workflows:
Ability to differentiate between “auto scheduled” vs “manually scheduled” content.
Learn more here

Simplified Instagram Connection:
Users are now prompted to sign in when connecting or reconnecting their Instagram connections to Repurpose.

Instagram workflows:
The "Feed" option has been removed from the Instagram workflow creation. All videos will now publish as Instagram Reels.

Other Improvements:
Auto-trim feature has been tweaked for enhanced performance.

Bug Resolutions:
Addressed random issues publishing to Facebook Reels.
Resolved failures in handling TikTok videos without audio.
Fixed publishing issues related to Custom templates.

Changes made during the release of October 30, 2023:

New: Workflows using YouTube as Source can be toggled to use Title or Description.
New: Auto Publishing Schedule can now be set to select content before a specific date.

Fix: The Auto Publishing Schedule pop-up is now scrollable.
Fix: We have improved the stability of connections while checking for the token on each job.
Fix: Facebook workflows were not skipping content properly when Auto Scheduled was ON.
Fix: True vertical predefined template was squishing the original video source.
Fix: Repurpose won’t let you connect the incorrect account on already connected platforms.
Fix: Snapchat supports bigger files now.
Fix: Facebook errors are reported more accurately now.
Fix: Added support for CJK characters on Twitter workflows.

And a lot more smaller fixes.

Changes made during the release of August 28, 2023:

New: Auto Publish Schedule! Now you can set up specific days and times to let Repurpose automatically publish your content 🚀
New: We are introducing a new Web3 integration with Lens Protocol. Learn more here.

Fix: Libsyn jobs were failing due to the number of characters in the keywords
Fix: Whenever you duplicate a workflow, we didn't update the duplicate with all the content
Fix: The details pop-up now has more information on it
Fix: Some videos of 1-minute duration didn’t appear on Only Shorts workflows
Fix: Some videos didn't look good when published to IG Stories
Fix: Fixed an issue with Feed workflows and Reels
Fix: Now you can mention (@) anyone only one time on Twitter workflows
Fix: Some RSS snippet workflows were having issues downloading the episode to use the snippet tool
Fix: Updated flow for mobile browsers allowing users to add Instagram more easily and without issues
Fix: Improved skipped logic for YouTube workflows
Fix: Videos longer than the platform limit were getting skipped even if the Auto-trim was ON inside the workflow settings
Fix: Improved connections stability
Fix: We added some fixes to prevent a very rare instance where the same video was posted multiple times to the same platform. (Duplicate posts)
Fix: Improved Custom Templates stability
Fix: Now you can use a vertical video on a horizontal template without issues
Fix: Missing video placeholder issues were solved
Fix: Audio to Video custom templates were creating bad end videos
Fix: Users can now use only the headline element and nothing else (no artwork placeholder)
Fix: The headline element wasn’t resizing properly for longer texts

Changes made on August 23, 2023

Fix: Tightened all the connections to avoid showing wrongly their status of inactive.
Fix: Fixed Twitter 503 error.
Fix: Fixed Facebook "undefined" error.

Changes made on August 22, 2023

Fix: During the Workflow creation, Facebook Lives videos were not being detected.

Changes made on August 17, 2023

Fix: LinkedIn publishing errors were resolved.

Changes made on August 16, 2023

Fix: Audio to Video workflows using Legacy templates were missing the soundwave as it wasn’t being burned into the final video.
Fix: We were listing Ads made through Facebook inside the View Content on Facebook workflows. This is not the case anymore.

Changes made on August 12, 2023

Fix: Instagram connection had issues with mobile browsers. It is now more compatible.

Changes made during the release of June 29, 2023:

New: We are introducing a new logic to avoid processing jobs that will fail.
New: The AI wand feature is now available for Descriptions too.
New: TikTok Upload Only permissions now allow up to 10 minutes of videos too. So, both Upload only, and Direct Publish are 10 mins max.
New: There are new Predefined Custom Templates: Fill Vertical and True Vertical. "Fill Vertical" templates stretches the video center-wise. "True Vertical" templates use native vertical videos. You can add elements on top of it, like the title or the subtitles.
New: We included a Fetch All button in the dashboard (where all the workflows reside) as a button. This lets the user fetch new content for ALL workflows with a single action.
New: On the View Content page, you can now utilize a filter to display either all content, unpublished content only, or failed content only.
New: During the workflow creation, there is a new Google Drive interface with separated groups and support for Shared Drives
New: A new "click to reconnect" button allows the user to Reconnect faster inside the Connections tab
New: It is now possible to create YouTube workflows that exclusively focus on Shorts.

Fix: Instagram received an upgrade. We now download IG videos faster and with better quality in most circumstances.
Fix: TXT file inside the same folder as the video was not being used.
Fix: Trimming the text to comply with the platform destination limits now leaves a coherent sentence.

Changes made during the release of April 24, 2023:

New: Snapchat Spotlight! (learn more here)
New: The calendar now shows all the videos.

Fix: Libsyn, BingeNetworks and Dropbox connection issues.
Fix: YouTube default language was not saving.
Fix: Custom text not being added to the description on TikTok workflows.
Fix: Copy button not working in the Affiliate area.
Fix: Improved processing of Instagram videos.
Fix: Improved Facebook workflows.
Fix: Improved error reporting.
Fix: Improved View Content page hashtag filters.

Changes made during the release of March 27, 2023:

New: Direct publishing to TikTok (no more having to go into the TikTok app to add a caption and click publish)
New: Ability to upload your own Instagram Reels cover images.
New: More control over permissions when connecting your YouTube account.
New: Remove all metadata from the videos from all Sources (TikTok, IG, YouTube, etc).
New: Upload Twitter videos up to 10 minutes long.

Fix: Simplified the Instagram connection process.
Fix: Support for large Google Drive videos inside the snippet tool.
Fix: Fixed random glitches when uploading YouTube thumbnails.
Fix: Improved processing of multiple Zoom videos at the same time.

Changes made during the release of February 13, 2023:

New: AI-generated social media captions!
New: One-click Sign up and Log in using your Google account.
New: Interactive onboarding video tutorial (available in the Resource section).

Fix: Mentions (@) in LinkedIn posts caused an error.
Fix: Fetch button logic was improved for YouTube playlists.
Fix: Occasional duplicate posts.
Fix: Improved referral sorting.
Fix: Twitter publishing fixes.

Changes made during the release of January 10, 2023:

New: Calendar view is here! Now you can view published content, edit scheduled, and schedule new content in a calendar view.
New: Affiliate area now includes a referral list and updated resources to help you promote, track, and earn even more commission.
New: Option that allows you to auto-trim your video when it exceeds the duration of the Destination platform.
New: Setting to automatically use Source Hashtags as YouTube Tags when publishing to YouTube.
New: Smart logic that detects end of sentences when setting the Title field for videos published to YouTube and Pinterest.

Fix: Subheadline text field was missing on Podcast workflows.
Fix: Improved support for emojis.
Fix: In some scenarios displaying the time from YouTube videos was wrong.
Fix: Previously you couldn't delete, rename or edit details settings on Auto workflows
Fix: There was an issue with YouTube when uploading your own thumbnail.
Fix: Improved the logic for the Headline element of Custom Templates.

Changes made during the release of November 7, 2022:

New: 'Audio to Video' Templates are now available. Learn more here.
New: Pre-defined Templates allows you to quickly choose a design and use it for your videos.
New: Custom Template Headline and Sub headline elements now auto resize font (existing templates require manual updates to use this feature)
New: Free Trial period can now use the AUTO feature.
New: All Snippets Workflows now are created with the 'Auto Sync' feature turned on by default.
New: Google Drive workflows now support files larger than 700MB.
New: Facebook Reels as Destination for Pages!

Fix: Improved the logics used for Custom Templates.
Fix: Improved the Thumbnail selector tool.
Fix: Improved the logic for auto-generated subtitles from YouTube.
Fix: Support for more special characters and emojis.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the 'Copy' button from the Affiliate section.
Fix: Fixed a bug with Episode Artwork.
Fix: Fixed a bug causing errors with Scheduled content.
Fix: Fixed a bug with YouTube and Playlists.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the Auto Create Snippets function.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the shortcode {{ episode-link }}.
Fix: Fixed issue with audio lag for some videos when TikTok is the Source.

Changes made during the release of August 17, 2022:

New: Facebook Reels! is now a source connection with Repurpose.
New: Direct Publish to Instagram Reels up to 15 mins long (requires IG Business Account)
New: Repurpose content from Instagram Reels including videos with copyright music (compatible with IG Creator and Business Accounts).

Fix: LinkedIn video posts were missing the share button.
Fix: Support for vertical templates for IG Reels.

Changes made during the release of May 31, 2022:

New: Pinterest is now available as a Destination! Learn more here.
New: You can embed your episode link with the shortcode {{ episode-link }} inside the Append Text
New: Added a new tool to better diagnose a bad RSS feed
New: TikTok, Zoom, and Webex Sources now have the option to filter per certain hashtags

Fix: Better support for various Audio RSS feeds
Fix: An issue with new users using the Chat for the first time

Release Notes for Custom Templates

New: More fonts are added
New: Headline title element is now independent from the title box field when publishing

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of April 05, 2022:

New: Instagram is now available as Source
New: Auto detect snippets support both start times and end times
New: Auto create snippets have an option to specify an start time (instead of always starting at the beginning)
New: New notifications center

Fix: Randomly non-english captions from Facebook where used
Fix: TikTok thumbnails
Fix: More emojis and special characters supported
Fix: Numerous security updates

Release Notes for Custom Templates

New: Templates are officially out of beta! But we will keep improving on it

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of February 16, 2022:

New: TikTok is now available as Source and Destination
New: You can now publish directly to your Personal feed on LinkedIn
New: New Workflow settings to remove automatically hashtags from a Source platform before repurposing it to another
New: New Workflow settings to hide auto-detected timestamps for snippets
New: New Workflow settings to select the Audience of your YouTube Channel

Fix: Vertical video thumbnails are now shown properly on the View Content page
Fix: Improved the flow of adding new Connections
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with YouTube
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Twitter
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Dropbox
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Google Drive and Snippets (Clips)
Fix: Improved stability and reliability with Auto Sync Snippets (Clips)
Fix: Discounts now are more clear on the My Account page

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Overlays are now possible!
New: Video to Video Horizontal Templates
New: You can now move and resize the Video element
New: You can now change the font for the captions
New: You can now add a background color to your captions

Fix: Overall stability and improvements

Changes made during the release of October 19, 2021:

New: Improved video snippets experience allowing you to create and edit multiple snippets in the same window, significantly faster loading of videos, more precise timing (milliseconds), easier-to-grab sliders, ability to pause the video and create snippet from that time. Learn more here.
New: Ability to connect your Cisco Webex accounts to repurpose recordings with captions.
New: Faster repurposing of YouTube videos.
New: Improved download of HD video from Facebook (when available).

Fix: Call-To-Action texts didn’t work with Instagram workflows.
Fix: YouTube workflow failed to exclude content with specific hashtags.

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Rename and duplicate Templates.
New: Workflow settings are dynamic based on the elements in the template.
New: The title in the video can be different than the title.

Fix: Improved experience creating new Custom Templates with the builder.

Changes made during the release of August 25, 2021:

New: Custom Template Builder (beta) with Canva Integration is now available to everyone.
New: Preview and edit the design of the Custom Template before publishing.
New: Repurpose now checks and uses User uploaded captions from YouTube.
New: There is a new option to add a fade out effect for snippet workflows.
New: An email is sent each time a process fails.

Fix: Improved the overall reliability of Repurpose.
Fix: Repurpose no longer lists live streams from YouTube before they are ready.
Fix: Improved the support for a variety of podcast feeds.

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Templates now save when you close the builder.
New: Templates now have a progress bar element.
New: More fonts added.

Fix: Greatly improved the experience using the Custom Template Builder.
Fix: Captions now display as 2 rows for better accuracy.
Fix: Fixed the progress bar element displaying its location incorrectly.

Changes made during the release of June 29, 2021:

New: Improved loading times during workflow creation and resyncing.
New: Subtitles files (.SRT) can now be directly uploaded to Facebook from YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox.
New: Thumbnail can now be directly uploaded to Facebook from YouTube.
New: You can now choose the thumbnail from your video when using Instagram as an Output (destination).
New: Significant improvement in connection issue detection prior to processing.
New: More detailed error reporting for failed projects.
New: Connection expiry date
New: Simpler to under in-app pricing page.

Fix: Improved stability of scheduler server.
Fix: Improved reliability of Facebook to Instagram processing.
Fix: We now download the 1080p video version from YouTube.
Fix: Improved support for Spanish characters.
Fix: Improved support for RSS feeds from more podcast hosts
Fix: Sorting workflows bug

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Canva integration! You can now create and import your background image directly from Canva.
New: Now you can see horizontal and vertical guidelines.
New: You can now change the position of the captions.
New: You can now change the progress bar color.
New: Auto font-resize.

Fix: Improved render processing to avoid zoomed and squished videos.
Fix: Improved render processing to avoid fade-in or blackness at the beginning.

Changes made during the release of April 29, 2021:

New: Direct publish to Instagram
New: Workflows page is now split into pages and loads faster
New: You can now search your workflow by name

New: You can now use the autogenerated captions from YouTube workflows
Fix: Using YouTube as Input loads the videos faster and is more reliable
Fix: Using more than one YouTube connections now works properly
Fix: The subscription page and checkout flow was revisited and overhauled
Fix: Captions works better on more quality video formats
Fix: Snippet workflows using hashtags is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Resyncing workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Auto-sync workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Improved our recognition system for catching new content
Fix: Improved our recognition system for inactive connections
Fix: LinkedIn “Share to my Profile” option now creates a more stylish post
Fix: Audio To Video workflows with Vertical templates were optimized for IGTV
Fix: Lots of improvements were made to our Custom template builder
Fix: Email notifications now work as intended
Fix: Sorting workflows now works as intended

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Custom templates now Auto Saves on the fly
New: You can now change the caption color and outline color using Custom templates
New: The tools bar is now always present
New: You can now move freely your own images, elements, gifs, headline, subheadline, and static texts

Fix: Improved the experience for your own images
Fix: Improved the overall experience using the canvas
Fix: Custom templates Publish pop-up window got optimized
Fix: The video placeholder image was changed for a new one that works better
Fix: We no longer render the placeholder image on the final video
Fix: You can now click the size for the font

Changes made during the release of March 17, 2021:

New: Completely changed the UI
New: YouTube as Input
New: Deeper integration with Crisp
New: For Google Drive and DropBox folders the .txt files with same name as the video file are treated as the description
New: Added placeholders images for audio and video thumbnail when none available
New: Workflows settings now shows a preview of the final video
New: Added a "Contact Support" button under "Need Help?"
New: Change password option is now under "Profile" page
New: Free trial now allows 10 videos uploads

Fix: YouTube optimizations
Fix: Changed the logic to check RSS feeds
Fix: Added support for podcast feeds using the same mp3 files
Fix: Faster loads time for Dashboard and View content page
Fix: Email sent were updated accordingly
Fix: Snippets tool optimizations
Fix: Schedule optimizations
Fix: SuperUser fixes and optimizations
Fix: The "Include image from podcast feed" is now a clickable checkbox
Fix: Testimonials were updated.
Fix: Leaving title empty when manually publishing content now works
Fix: Added support for more email services
Fix: Snippets are now closed by default
Fix: More Spanish characters supported
Fix: Twitter description is now limited to 280 characters
Fix: The Time represented on the View Content page is now localized
Fix: Facebook thumbnail is now migrating properly

Changes made during the release of Dec 22, 2020:

New: Add support for Snippets to “Upload Audio” option when creating workflows.
New: Upgrade DB Droplet
New: Set file limit for YouTube custom thumbnail to 2 MB to comply with YouTube limitation on maximum thumbnail file size
New: Collapsible Snippets
New: Support for SimpleCast feed
New: Ability to add shadows to fonts in Custom Template Builder
New: Keyboard shortcuts - delete key deletes an item (headline, subheadline, etc.) and when an item is selected, directional arrows now move that item
New: Visual template editor
New: Indication of size of each template in the Custom template editor
New: Emoji library in Editor
New: Setup email verification during signup / trial flow + during password reset
New: "Request a Feature" link in the "Need Help" menu

Fix: Help Menu Easier to See
Fix: Upgrade FFMPEG 4.3.1 decoder
Fix: Improved Color Rendering So Colors are not washed out when creating videos
Fix: Improved server security
Fix: Improved server-side code to significantly reduce the possibility of a conversion error
Fix: Improved server code for efficient decoding to reduce queue wait time before a piece of content is processed
Fix: When using a Podcast as an input, clicking on the edit title and publishing it no longer updates the View Episodes Title
Fix: Feed not downloading latest episode
Fix: Remove Captcha from all App pages except for /login /register /signup
Fix: ReCaptcha popup never appears and now just shows captcha error
Fix: When updating a template and then going back to Workflow to publish a new episode the template changes don't take affect until you re-select the same template
Fix: Google Drive to Facebook conversion issue
Fix: Some auto created snippets not working
Fix: Reset Password, Welcome and Verification email not sent
Fix: Spanish characters not supported (and special characters not represented correctly) when auto detect snippets happens
Fix: Sometimes older videos gets removed which intermittently happens when Dropbox has several pages in its pagination
Fix: better support for podcasts
Fix: UI Dropdown glitch when many workflows exists
Fix: Isolated cases where manual publish works but scheduled publish does not
Fix: Hashtag only found in snippet will appear in the snippet only
Fix: Facebook to Google Drive workflows always fails
Fix: Intro / Outro not working (Audio to Video or Video To Video)

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Updated on: 15/03/2024

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