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How to Make Sure All Facebook Permissions are Granted

In an incognito window, log in to Repurpose, navigate to the Connections tab in the left column, and select the Facebook connection. Click the 3-dot button to the right of it to Reconnect (ensure you use the correct credentials; this will re-add the application to your personal profile).

A pop-up will appear; click on 'Edit settings.'

You'll be prompted to select which Groups you want to utilize with Repurpose.

IMPORTANT: You'll see ALL your Groups. Please verify if all the Groups you manage are listed. Then, check the "Select All" box and click "Next."

It will then ask you which Pages you want to use with Repurpose.

We recommend selecting everything, as this also affects the IG connection. The permissions are shared, so if you don't select a page that you use for IG, the IG permission will be removed.

IMPORTANT: You'll see ALL your Pages. Please check if all the Pages you manage appear. Then, check the "Select All" box and click "Next."

Next, it will prompt you to specify what Repurpose is allowed to do. Ensure that EVERYTHING is allowed, and then click "Done."

Your connection should now be reconnected with all the necessary permissions.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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