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How To Create Multiple Clips (Snippets) from a Single Video

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Significantly faster loading of videos.
Create /edit multiple snippets in the same window.
Easier-to-grab sliders.
More precise timing for start/end times (milliseconds).
Pause video at specific time & create snippet from that time.
Keyboard shortcuts to make the process much faster.

How To Use:
Your workflow needs to be set to use Snippets (Clips) in Step 3 "Action" when you create your workflow.
With our new snippet tool, you can create as many clips as you want inside a single window.
Use the big sliders to adjust the timing, manually type it or drag the entire portion to another position.
The default snippet duration can be changed inside the Workflow Settings (By default it is set to 55 seconds to be compatible with all platforms).
PLAY SNIPPET button will play the video from the Start Time until the End Time.

Handy keyboards shortcuts:
(right arrow) to skip forward a few seconds.
(left arrow) to skip back a few seconds.
(SPACE) will pause / play the video.
(X) will create a new clip at the current time of the video.

Precising Time Adjustment:
Edit the start time and end time using the pencil icon.
Click on start/end time slider then right / left arrow on your keyboard to adjust the time by a few milliseconds.

How to Use the Video Snippet Tool

Accessing the Snippet Tool:
- When creating a workflow, ensure that you select "snippets" as the action. This step is crucial for accessing the snippet tool.

Navigating to View Contents:
- After setting up your workflow, go to the "View Contents" page.

Creating Snippets:
- On this page, locate and click the button labeled "Create Snippets."

Using the Snippet Tool:
- On the left, you'll see the original video, and on the right, you'll find the generated snippets.

Default Snippet Duration:
- Repurpose automatically generates a 55-second snippet, but this can be adjusted according to your preference.

Customizing Snippet Duration:
- Manually adjust the snippet duration by either typing in a specific duration or using the provided controls.

Adding Titles:
- Give each snippet a descriptive title, relevant to the content it represents.

Playing Snippets:
- Use the "Play Snippet" feature, which allows you to preview a snippet by playing it from start to end.

Watching and Creating Snippets:
- You can watch the video and, while it's playing, pause it at a specific spot. Pressing the X key will create a snippet at that exact point.

Reviewing and Editing Snippets:
- Review, edit, or delete specific clips within the snippet tool.

Updating Snippets:
- Clicking "Update Snippets" will display the entire list of clips for a comprehensive review.

Adjusting Default Snippet Duration:
- Go to workflow settings, where you have the option to modify the default snippet duration to better suit your needs.

Now you can use the snippet tool to efficiently repurpose your videos.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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