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How to Add Multiple Instagram Connections

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The Instagram connection works in a specific way:

A single Instagram connection will give you access to infinite Instagram accounts, of which a single Facebook account is an admin of the Facebook business pages linked to multiple Instagram accounts. You will be able to select between them in a dropdown menu when creating a workflow.

⚠️ If you do not see some of your accounts there then it may not meet certain requirements or access may need to be granted. More info here (Link to Missing accounts).

Having said this, a second IG connection should only be added if the Facebook business page linked to the desired Instagram account is managed by a different Facebook account.

⚠️ Note: It will be necessary to be previously logged in to the Facebook website to the Facebook account that is an admin of the Facebook business page linked to the desired Instagram account since Repurpose will recognize this account.

Missing accounts

If an Instagram connection was successfully added to Repurpose and an Instagram account is missing from in the dropdown menu when creating a workflow, it could be a couple of things:

Verify account name

The first thing to note is that the name that will be displayed in the dropdown menu when creating a workflow is the name that was given to the account and not its handle/username which can cause confusion, and perhaps it is the account you are looking for.

You can quickly find the account name from the Instagram mobile app:

Go to the desired account > Go to the Profile (picture in the bottom right) > Edit Profile

Verify that the account meets the requirements

The Instagram account must be professional, either “Business” or “Creator”.

**Confirm that you have a Professional account**

Instagram Personal accounts are not supported at this time.

You can connect a Business or Creator account through a Facebook page at this time.

To check if you have an Instagram Business or Creator account, please go to the Instagram mobile app:

Go to your Profile, then click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner
Go to Settings and Privacy > Business and ad tools > Switch account type
If you have a Creator account, you will see Switch to Personal Account and Switch to Business Account at the bottom.
If you have a Business account, you will see Switch to Personal Account and Switch to Creator Account at the bottom.

The professional account must be connected to a Facebook business page of which you are an admin. This refers to a page that you either manually created or currently manage.

⚠️ Note: The connected Facebook page cannot be the primary page of the Facebook account (the one that comes by default with the account). Even if it's business.

**Confirm that your Facebook Business Page is connected to the Instagram Professional account**

To check if your Facebook page lists the correct Instagram account:

On Facebook head to the Facebook page the IG account is linked to > Switch to interact as the Page > Settings > [Linked Accounts](
- You should see the Instagram Business or Creator account handle listed

⚠️_Note: This section should look like the screenshot below._

⚠️ Note: If you see a Review Connection button, Get Started, Switch Now, or Connect Account, your Instagram account might not be properly connected to your Facebook Page, or it hasn't been converted to a Business account. You can click on the button and complete the required steps.

**Confirm that your Facebook Page is listed on your Instagram Professional account**

Although your Facebook Page shows that Instagram is connected, Instagram's mobile app may not have the connection confirmed.

To check if the Instagram account is connected to the correct page, please go to the Instagram mobile app:

Go to the Profile > Edit Profile > confirm the Facebook page listed in the “Public Business Information” or “Profile Information” section (depending on which Professional account type you have).

If the correct page is not connected, select the correct page and press Done. If the Facebook page is missing as an option, log in to the Facebook personal profile listed as an Admin from the Facebook mobile app on your device.

Missing permissions

If one or more accounts meet the above requirements and are still not shown in the dropdown menu when creating a workflow, then it may be necessary to re-grant access to them as follows:

Make sure to be logged into the Facebook account which is an admin of the Facebook business page linked to the Instagram accounts on the Facebook website and delete the “Repurpose Business Integration” from the account.

You can do it from the following link:

⚠️ Note: You must be interacting as your personal profile (primary page) and not as a business page.

Then head to the Connections tab in the left column, and Reconnect the Instagram connection by clicking the 3 dot button next to it.

You should see a pop-up, make sure the correct account name is shown and press “Continue as YOUR NAME”

Then in the next step Click on "Choose what you allow" where you can select from all your businesses, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages.

⚠️ Note: Make sure the desired Instagram account is displayed there and everything is selected, don't worry, nothing will be published anywhere unless a workflow is created specifically for it.

⚠️ Here is a small video of what the whole process looks like*:

Once reconnected try to create a workflow again. All IG accounts listed in the "choose what you allow" pop up should be displayed in the dropdown menu.

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Updated on: 25/10/2023

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