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Setting Up Your Facebook Lives and Videos For Repurposing

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Step 1: Start with a Video on Facebook

- If it's a live video, go to your page and click the video section, then click the live stream.
- After streaming, click the three dots at the top right and select "Edit Video."
- If it's an uploaded video, go to the "Create Post" section, click "Photo Video," and choose your video.

Step 2: Optimize Video on Facebook

- Add a good, engaging short title.
- Write a detailed description (between 500 to 1000 characters, 2-3 paragraphs).
- Choose an engaging thumbnail.

Step 3: Advanced Tips for Efficiency

- In the description, note down five key takeaways along with their timestamps.
- Example: "0:30 - One Video = 30 Pieces of Content"
- Utilize Canva to design custom thumbnails matching your episode titles.
- In the subtitles and captions section, select your language and click "Auto Generate."
- Review and edit the generated captions for accuracy.

Additional Note:

- The time invested in crafting an engaging title, detailed description, timestamps, custom thumbnail, and accurate captions on Facebook pays off during repurposing, as these details are automatically used on other platforms.

Final Step: Publish or Schedule

- Click "Publish" or schedule the post for a specific date.

By following these steps, you'll optimize your content for repurposing, saving time in the long run.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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