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Podcast Repurposing Strategy: 1 Episode = 28 Pieces of Content

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With Repurpose, you can take 1 podcast post and have it distributed 28 times to other media services.
This is made possible by converting audio to video simultaneously without having to manage each site individually.
Each video can be formatted to their correct aspect ratio automatically.
Videos can be customized from the background, animated waveform, album, art, and custom text
You can upload and design your own template as an option for added design flexibility. Note: IGTV and Instagram will need to go through dropbox/google drive first as there is no method yet to upload to them directly.

Step 1: Distribute Your Podcast

The three places you want to distribute your podcast are:

1. YouTube:
- Convert the audio into video format.
- Upload the full episode on YouTube.

2. Social Media (Audiograms):
- Convert the audio into video format.
- Create short video clips, known as audiograms.
- Share these clips on various social media platforms.

3. Website:
- Add a blog post or a show notes page on your website.
- Embed an audio player to allow easy listening.

Step 2: Audio to Video Conversion for YouTube

- Convert the audio into a full-length video.
- Upload the video onto YouTube.

Step 3: Create Vertical Video Clips for IGTV and Instagram Feed

- Create five short video clips in vertical format.
- Aim to get these clips on IGTV and your Instagram feed.
- Use a tool (to be introduced) for scheduling or direct publishing.

Step 4: Create Square Video Clips for Other Social Media Platforms

- Take the same five clips.
- Modify them into square format.
- Share these on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Step 5: Design Show Notes Page or Blog Post

- Create a dedicated page on your website.
- Embed an audio player to facilitate listening.

Step 6: Utilize Design Elements

- Customize the elements like title text, waveform, and image/artwork.
- You can choose from templates or design your own.

Remember, you'll have enough content to publish every day of the week for the entire week!

QUESTIONS? We've got you! Email our Support Team at or chat live with us on our site. We look forward to helping you.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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