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Broadcasting Live From Your Blog Post or Page

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You have the option to embed the live broadcast on your site.

This is easily by adding the [ssp-live] shortcode on any page or post on your site (most people create a page called "live" and add this shortcode to it). You can treat this page like any other page and add your own content to it as well. Once the shortcode is placed, that page will automatically show your latest live video (as you are broadcasting) to anyone coming to that page.

Unfortunately, due to Facebook restrictions, visitors can’t comment or see other live comments on your blog on this page. When no live broadcasts are happening, the page will display an "off air" message that you can customize by adding the "offair" parameter to your shortcode like this [ssp-live offair="This is your custom off air message"]

After the live broadcast is over, a new blog post will be created and the video replay (and all the comments) will be embedded there.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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