Here is what you need to do if your latest Podcast episodes are no longer importing.

The quickest thing to do is going to the Simple Podcast Press Settings Page, scroll to the bottom, and click Reconnect My Podcast Feed.

It will take you back to the Settings Page asking you to enter your Apple Podcast URL or the feed RSS. Proceed to fill and continue.

Don’t worry, all your settings and posts will be preserved. You can click this button as many times as needed.

Then, scroll to the bottom again, and click the Import New Episodes button.

If that doesn’t help, please check the drafts or trash posts inside your WordPress as they might have ended up there. Simply delete/empty the trash and try to manually import again.

We highly recommend that you purge/clear the cache from all caching plugins running on your site too.

You can also manually add the player with an specific episode:

Create a new post, or edit an existing one.

Add the Title, give it a body and use the following shortcode: [spp-player url=xxxx] where xxxx is the actual MP3 URL of the episode.

If none of these help, please reach out to our support team for a resolution.
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