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How to set Mailchimp (or any other)

To connect MailChimp to your Simple Podcast Press opt-in box, you need to copy and paste the HTML code of your MailChimp opt-in form and paste it in the Simple Podcast Press Settings in the section called "Opt-in HTML Code".

Here are the steps:

Inside MailChimp, choose "Create List".

Fill in the list details.

Choose "Signup Forms".

Choose "Embedded Forms".

Copy the HTML code from the "Copy/paste onto your site" section.

Go to your WP site -> Simple Podcast Press Settings and paste the HTML code in the "Opt-in HTML Code".

Usually, if the email provider can provide an HTML code, then we can support it. But if does not have a way to provide you an HTML code to be embedded in other sites then we do not support it.

Updated on: 19/01/2021

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