Repurpose can easily be used to automate process.

For this example, we are going to take YouTube videos and schedule them to be able to make posts on TikTok.

Making TikTok posts or videos ready to use consists on two easy steps:

Step 1 - Using Repurpose to create the clips and upload them to Google Drive

First, create a new Workflow using YouTube as Input, choosing Snippets (Clips) as the Action and Google Drive or Dropbox as the Output

Edit the Workflow settings to change the Video Style to Vertical, which is the standard format of TikTok.
If you have the beta feature of the Custom Templates activated, you can choose one of your vertical ones to be used.

Turn on burning the captions to your video for an extra WOW final result.

From inside the View Content, create as many clips as you need or want.

Publish them all together, schedule to a certain date or one by one as you needed to your cloud folder.

Step 2 - Grabbing the final video and schedule them in TikTok

Log In to TikTok on your browser.

Download the final video ready to be used created on Repurpose.

Upload it directly to TikTok and schedule it from there.

And that's it!

Your TikTok account needs to be a Creator or Business account. You can set it for free using your mobile phone only.
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