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Release Notes (October 19, 2021)

Latest release February 16, 2022.

Changes made during the release of October 19, 2021:

New: Improved video snippets experience allowing you to create and edit multiple snippets in the same window, significantly faster loading of videos, more precise timing (milliseconds), easier-to-grab sliders, ability to pause the video and create snippet from that time. Learn more here.
New: Ability to connect your Cisco Webex accounts to repurpose recordings with captions.
New: Faster repurposing of YouTube videos.
New: Improved download of HD video from Facebook (when available).
Fix: Call-To-Action texts didn’t work with Instagram workflows.
Fix: YouTube workflow failed to exclude content with specific hashtags.

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Rename and duplicate Templates.
New: Workflow settings are dynamic based on the elements in the template.
New: The title in the video can be different than the title.
Fix: Improved experience creating new Custom Templates with the builder.

And many more small fixes and optimizations.

Updated on: 16/02/2022

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