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Release Notes (November 7, 2022)

Changes made during the release of November 7, 2022:

New: 'Audio to Video' Templates are now available. Learn more here.
New: Pre-defined Templates allows you to quickly choose a design and use it for your videos.
New: Custom Template Headline and Sub headline elements now auto resize font (existing templates require manual updates to use this feature)
New: Free Trial period can now use the AUTO feature.
New: All Snippets Workflows now are created with the 'Auto Sync' feature turned on by default.
New: Google Drive workflows now support files larger than 700MB.
New: Facebook Reels as Destination for Pages!

Fix: Improved the logics used for Custom Templates.
Fix: Improved the Thumbnail selector tool.
Fix: Improved the logic for auto-generated subtitles from YouTube.
Fix: Support for more special characters and emojis.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the 'Copy' button from the Affiliate section.
Fix: Fixed a bug with Episode Artwork.
Fix: Fixed a bug causing errors with Scheduled content.
Fix: Fixed a bug with YouTube and Playlists.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the Auto Create Snippets function.
Fix: Fixed a bug with the shortcode {{ episode-link }}.
Fix: Fixed issue with audio lag for some videos when TikTok is the Source.

Many more bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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