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Release Notes (March 17, 2021)

Latest release February 16, 2022.

Changes made during the release of March 17, 2021:

New: Completely changed the UI
New: YouTube as Input
New: Deeper integration with Crisp
New: For Google Drive and DropBox folders the .txt files with same name as the video file are treated as the description
New: Added placeholders images for audio and video thumbnail when none available
New: Workflows settings now shows a preview of the final video
New: Added a "Contact Support" button under "Need Help?"
New: Change password option is now under "Profile" page
New: Free trial now allows 10 videos uploads
Fix: YouTube optimizations
Fix: Changed the logic to check RSS feeds
Fix: Added support for podcast feeds using the same mp3 files
Fix: Faster loads time for Dashboard and View content page
Fix: Email sent were updated accordingly
Fix: Snippets tool optimizations
Fix: Schedule optimizations
Fix: SuperUser fixes and optimizations
Fix: The "Include image from podcast feed" is now a clickable checkbox
Fix: Testimonials were updated.
Fix: Leaving title empty when manually publishing content now works
Fix: Added support for more email services
Fix: Snippets are now closed by default
Fix: More Spanish characters supported
Fix: Twitter description is now limited to 280 characters
Fix: The Time represented on the View Content page is now localized
Fix: Facebook thumbnail is now migrating properly

And many more small fixes and optimization

Updated on: 16/02/2022

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