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Release Notes (January 03, 2023)

Changes made during the release of January 10, 2023:

New: Calendar view is here! Now you can view published content, edit scheduled, and schedule new content in a calendar view.
New: Affiliate area now includes a referral list and updated resources to help you promote, track, and earn even more commission.
New: Option that allows you to auto-trim your video when it exceeds the duration of the Destination platform.
New: Setting to automatically use Source Hashtags as YouTube Tags when publishing to YouTube.
New: Smart logic that detects end of sentences when setting the Title field for videos published to YouTube and Pinterest.

Fix: Subheadline text field was missing on Podcast workflows.
Fix: Improved support for emojis.
Fix: In some scenarios displaying the time from YouTube videos was wrong.
Fix: Previously you couldn't delete, rename or edit details settings on Auto workflows
Fix: There was an issue with YouTube when uploading your own thumbnail.
Fix: Improved the logic for the Headline element of Custom Templates.

Many more bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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