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Release Notes (Dec 22, 2020)

Latest release February 16, 2022.

Changes made during the release of Dec 22, 2020:

New: Add support for Snippets to “Upload Audio” option when creating workflows.
New: Upgrade DB Droplet
New: Set file limit for YouTube custom thumbnail to 2 MB to comply with YouTube limitation on maximum thumbnail file size
New: Collapsible Snippets
New: Support for SimpleCast feed
New: Ability to add shadows to fonts in Custom Template Builder
New: Keyboard shortcuts - delete key deletes an item (headline, subheadline, etc.) and when an item is selected, directional arrows now move that item
New: Visual template editor
New: Indication of size of each template in the Custom template editor
New: Emoji library in Editor
New: Setup email verification during signup / trial flow + during password reset
New: "Request a Feature" link in the "Need Help" menu
Fix: Help Menu Easier to See
Fix: Upgrade FFMPEG 4.3.1 decoder
Fix: Improved Color Rendering So Colors are not washed out when creating videos
Fix: Improved server security
Fix: Improved server-side code to significantly reduce the possibility of a conversion error
Fix: Improved server code for efficient decoding to reduce queue wait time before a piece of content is processed
Fix: When using a Podcast as an input, clicking on the edit title and publishing it no longer updates the View Episodes Title
Fix: Feed not downloading latest episode
Fix: Remove Captcha from all App pages except for /login /register /signup
Fix: ReCaptcha popup never appears and now just shows captcha error
Fix: When updating a template and then going back to Workflow to publish a new episode the template changes don't take affect until you re-select the same template
Fix: Google Drive to Facebook conversion issue
Fix: Some auto created snippets not working
Fix: Reset Password, Welcome and Verification email not sent
Fix: Spanish characters not supported (and special characters not represented correctly) when auto detect snippets happens
Fix: Sometimes older videos gets removed which intermittently happens when Dropbox has several pages in its pagination
Fix: better support for podcasts
Fix: UI Dropdown glitch when many workflows exists
Fix: Isolated cases where manual publish works but scheduled publish does not
Fix: Hashtag only found in snippet will appear in the snippet only
Fix: Facebook to Google Drive workflows always fails
Fix: Intro / Outro not working (Audio to Video or Video To Video)

Updated on: 16/02/2022

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