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Release Notes (April 29, 2021)

Latest release February 16, 2022.

Changes made during the release of April 29, 2021:

New: Direct publish to Instagram
New: Workflows page is now split into pages and loads faster
New: You can now search your workflow by name
New: You can now use the autogenerated captions from YouTube workflows
Fix: Using YouTube as Input loads the videos faster and is more reliable
Fix: Using more than one YouTube connections now works properly
Fix: The subscription page and checkout flow was revisited and overhauled
Fix: Captions works better on more quality video formats
Fix: Snippet workflows using hashtags is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Resyncing workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Auto-sync workflows is now faster and more reliable
Fix: Improved our recognition system for catching new content
Fix: Improved our recognition system for inactive connections
Fix: LinkedIn “Share to my Profile” option now creates a more stylish post
Fix: Audio To Video workflows with Vertical templates were optimized for IGTV
Fix: Lots of improvements were made to our Custom template builder
Fix: Email notifications now work as intended
Fix: Sorting workflows now works as intended

Release Notes for Custom Templates (Beta)

New: Custom templates now Auto Saves on the fly
New: You can now change the caption color and outline color using Custom templates
New: The tools bar is now always present
New: You can now move freely your own images, elements, gifs, headline, subheadline, and static texts
Fix: Improved the experience for your own images
Fix: Improved the overall experience using the canvas
Fix: Custom templates Publish pop-up window got optimized
Fix: The video placeholder image was changed for a new one that works better
Fix: We no longer render the placeholder image on the final video
Fix: You can now click the size for the font

And many more small fixes and optimization

Updated on: 16/02/2022

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